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Sasha and Yaneck of WASIO Faces Help You Get Ready for Your Close-Up

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Sasha and Yaneck of WASIO Faces Help You Get Ready for Your Close-Up

Portrait, meet power. Personality, meet precision. Photogenicity, meet possibility. These are the triumphant mergers forged at WASIO Faces by the masterful duo of Yaneck and Sasha Wasiek.

They are the facial expression coaches who believe in the beauty of each face, the story behind each pair of eyes, and the charm that a perfect headshot can capture.

A look at their illustrious roster of clients paints a vivid picture of their trailblazing success. Microsoft, Oracle, Accenture, and Walmart entrusted their brand imaging to Yaneck and Sasha.  Even the billboards across California, Nevada, and Arizona display the sterling photography of WASIO Faces via the advertising for Sweet James.

But it’s not just the wide-ranging client base that illuminates the duo’s professionalism. Yaneck’s accolades and accomplishments, which include earning the Master of Photography from PPA and the prestigious designation as Peter Hurley’s Headshot Crew Associate, speak volumes.

His multiple awards, from WPPI, PPA, and PPSDC, for both portrait and wedding photography, illustrate his remarkable versatility and talent.

As an invited judge at WPPI and a member of the PPA Council and President of PPSDC, Yaneck etched his mark on the industry. His meticulous passion extends beyond the camera lens to his obsession with perfect colors, earning him the title of Calibrite Coloratti Master.

Navigating the road to success wasn’t without its challenges, the most formidable of which is capturing the true essence of a subject. For example, how do they overcome the fear and discomfort many people experience in front of the camera? Their answer is simple, yet effective.

By providing an engaging, stress-free environment and using their expertise as facial expression coaches, they coax out the natural, authentic expression from their subjects. In Yaneck and Sasha’s skilled hands, everyone learns the powerful lesson that they have the potential to be photogenic.

Sasha and Yaneck of WASIO Faces

The canvas of WASIO Faces is as varied as it is vast, serving professionals from all industries.

Whether they are working with individuals looking for a personal portrait or with companies striving for a cohesive team look, their work is always marked by a unique blend of consistency and creativity.

Editorial and marketing photography are also part of their repertoire, creating compelling, high-quality content that helps brands tell their stories.

While many companies are hell-bent on rapid expansion, WASIO Faces is committed to slow, consistent growth where quality trumps quantity. Their dreams and aspirations?

To build a team of expression coach photographers and hire a full-time studio manager. In Yaneck and Sasha’s vision, the growth of WASIO Faces is as carefully crafted and artfully staged as their portraits.

Yaneck and Sasha Wasiek believe there is a tale behind every face, a personality behind each expression. The innovative pair have been narrating these stories through their lens for the past seven years, making over 6,000 people photogenic each year.

So, when it’s time for your close-up, know that there’s a welcoming stage set for you by WASIO Faces. Because in their world, every face is a work of art, and every headshot is a masterpiece waiting to be unveiled.


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