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The Top 5 Personal Qualities to Put on Your Resume



The Top 5 Personal Qualities to Put on Your Resume

On your resume, personal qualities usually fall under soft skills. They can be listed in the sidebar or under your work experience. A common challenge with soft skills is you try to cover everything without having a focus. As a result, the recruiter may fail to find what they need to make a decision.

In this article, we will cover:

  • How to choose the proper resume template
  • Top 5 personal qualities on a resume that will always help
  • Other advantages to include

Using a Resume Creator

We recommend you find a powerful resume generator tool online. Most of these tools are free to use and come with an extensive template database. Templates provided by an online builder are HR-approved and compatible with most online hiring systems.

Top 5 Personal Qualities on a Resume

Different personalities are most suitable for different positions. But there are some universal characteristics almost all modern employers would want in their candidates.


After an unprecedented year filled with uncertainties and distress, employers want more resilience in employees than ever. Can you thrive through adversities and take challenges head-on?

Leadership Personality

You don’t need a management position to demonstrate leadership skills. A good leader, no matter what position they hold, is a valuable asset to any organization. Mention any leadership position you’ve had previously and talk about the team size you worked with before.

Team Player

Humans are social creatures, and you can’t thrive alone in today’s work environment. Emphasize how you’re a team player in and out of the office. Talk about team-building activities you’ve enjoyed and good relationships you’ve had. You can also include being compassionate and flexible to highlight what an effective team player you are.

Problem Solving

Problem-solving abilities go beyond finding a missing email or rescheduling a meeting. Prove you have an innovative approach to any problems that arise and focus on your ability to think critically about problem-solving skills. If possible, refer to some of the hard skills you’ve included.

Attention to Detail

It is always good to mention that you have attention to detail on your resume. This skill makes you an ethical and responsible worker and also an effective manager.

Other Qualities to Consider

There are many other personality traits you can consider. The general rule is that you want to tailor your advantages according to the position and the company’s culture. For example, talk about entrepreneurship spirit if you’re applying at a startup company, or talk about your artistic company if you want a creative role.

Final Tips

Have you decided what personal qualities to include on your resume? Always start with a robust resume creator so your formatting is compatible with online hiring systems. Include at least three of these top 5 characteristics listed in this article. Then, the rest is on you.

Remember, most candidates will have these top traits. Therefore, you need to get bold and creative to stand out from the competition. The bottom line is always to be honest while not shying away from your advantages. Then — good luck!


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