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How to Find a Ketamine Clinic Near Me for Infusion Therapy in 2020?

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Ketamine is commonly used in anesthesiology and if often applied in the veterinary field. However, in 2019 this medication has been certified as a means to treat depression. Ketamine therapy consists of infusion sessions, each one lasts for 4- hours. A patient can bring a book or music player with him, or invite someone to accompany him during the treatment.

Most patients receive long-term pain relief which lasts at least 1 month after 2 or 3 sessions. In case a patient feels pain again , the treatment continues. Most people receive treatment once a month. It’s up to the doctor to decide how long the therapy will last. It is extremely important to choose a good ketamine clinic to be sure you’ll receive a perfect result.

How is the Treatment Process Going?

First, a patient is identified with a persistent form of depression who does not respond to medications and other treatments. Depression is a very painful process for a person. The search for new therapies is constantly on the agenda because cases of persistent depression that cannot be treated with drugs and other treatments are very complex. Following this search, brain stimulation techniques such as magnetic stimulation therapy emerged. Once again, after this search, deep brain stimulation and ketamine infusion therapy came to the fore.

What is the Protocol for Infusion Therapy in a Ketamine Clinic?

The use of this medication has a specific international protocol. Therefore, only certified clinics can perform such treatment. During the session, the patient is awake. A very low serum dose is given intravenously over several hours. Ketamine has a fast antidepressant effect. Many studies claim that immediately after the first use, the patient’s mood rises, his suicidal tendency regresses, that is, a state of well-being occurs.

What Type of Patient is Ketamine Infusion Therapy Used For?

A ketamine clinic offers such treatment to depressed patients who do not respond to standard treatment in . Suicidal tendencies and decreased professional, academic and social functionality are also important criteria. If the picture of depression is eliminated by treatment with ketamine, all the negative consequences of depression will disappear. The course of treatment is 6-10 sessions.

How to Find a Reliable Ketamine Clinic Near Me?

There are lots of ketamine clinics in the USA, however, they can hardly be found in some states. Luckily, there is an innovative way to manage depression – virtual ketamine clinic. You can communicate with a specialist via the internet. It is so convenient!

To find a ketamine clinic you can use Google maps or the search engine – just type “ketamine clinic near me” and you’ll see all available results. When you come across several options, learn as much as possible about the ketamine clinic you plan to turn to. Read the feedback, refer to the ASKP directory to check if the clinic and its practitioners are approved.

There is also one good way to get more information about a Ketamine clinic – to ask friends or relatives. Some of them may have already undergone such therapy and can share their experience. Also check the site of the clinic – there should be all necessary licences and certificates. If you cannot find them, turn to the customer report and ask to share them with you. It is crucial to be sure about legimity of the ketamine clinic.

Ketamine is now considered by psychiatry as one of the most promising meds. Not only for depression – the preparation is likely to cope with anxiety, PTSD, fixation on suicide and many other conditions. As with other antidepressants, doctors reckon that while ketamine is effective in relieving symptoms, psychotherapy will help patients overcome mental illnesses.

One More Service in a Ketamine Clinic – Ketamine Nasal Spray

Besides Ketamine infusion, clinics offer a nasal spray based on Ketamine; it is called Spravato. The effectiveness of the new remedy was tested by comparing how the patients’ condition changed after the course of treatment with Spravato compared with the initial level of depression. After the first trial, the drug was shown to be able to relieve symptoms of depression when compared to placebo. The effect of it was noticeable after two days. The other two tests did not help to reliably assess whether Spravato would help with depression.

The long-term study involved patients in stable remission or with a stable effect of antidepressants. The first group continued Spravato treatment along with an oral antidepressant, the second – a placebo and an oral antidepressant. As a result, it turned out that in the first group depressive symptoms became easier over a longer period than in the second. Therefore, the FDA decided to approve the treatment with esketamine in a ketamine clinic, but with restrictions.

Esketamin is a form of ketamine, a substance that is used as an anesthetic or, less commonly, pain reliever. American doctors will be able to use it in combination with oral antidepressants and only after at least two attempts to cure the patient with other medications that have failed.


It can be a tough challenge to find a ketamine clinic in your state if this treatment has not become popular there. Anyway, you can always try a virtual option – a support via Internet. It includes consultations from specialists who may offer other types of therapy. Bear in mind that this treatment is rather expensive – $300-$800 per one infusion for mood disorders and about $800 for a pain disorder infusion. Federal and state-funded insurance do not cover ketamine treatment, except for Spravato as it has been approved by FDA. Having found the ketamine clinic that suits you best, learn if it offers other services like EDMR, holistic treatment, psychological and holistic treatment,. They could become a good supplement to your therapy.


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