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How Many Bottles of Champagne Should You Purchase for 70 Guests?



You are in the process of organising an event—be it a sophisticated evening soiree, a significant birthday celebration, or a vibrant start-up gathering—and you aim to perfect every detail. This includes the selection of champagne, which stands as the sparkling centerpiece of any festivity.

But how do you gauge just how many bottles you need to keep the good times flowing for all 70 of your esteemed guests? It’s a delightful dilemma, and we’re here to help you get it perfectly pétillant.


The Champagne Equation

Picture the scene. The luminescence of the chandeliers, the sound of crystal, and the atmosphere of anticipation. Each of your guests, a character in this grand production, is about to raise a glass. But to what extent will they sip? Here’s where you need to channel your inner maths aficionado, but don’t worry, we won’t douse the bubbly bonfire with boring figures.

For a mostly seated event, like a wedding or a banquet, it’s safe to plan for about one to two glasses of champagne per person. However, if it’s a more stand-up affair, account for at least two to three glasses, considering that in the revelry, folks tend to pour a little more often.

It’s also crucial to tailor your estimate to the time of day. Choosing 750ml bottles for guests of a brunch affair is different, leaning towards a conservative one glass per person, compared to the freer-flowing exuberance of a night time bash, which might call for three or more. And, take into account the nature of the event. A refined champagne tasting may have guests savoring their drink, while a casual cocktail party sees a faster fizz depletion rate.


Don’t Shy From The Overflow Effect

The last thing you want is for the champagne to run dry when the party’s at fever pitch. While you’ve buffed up your estimations with the precision of a typographer kerning fonts, always sprinkle in some ‘what if’ to avoid an inventory crisis.

With an event of 70, consider snatching a few extra bottles. It might seem like inviting a few uninvited guests to the party, but it’s a wise hedge against shortages. Non-drinkers, more pensive sippers, and, yes, those who’ve indulged just enough will tip the scales of your pour plan. Better to have a few bottles left than to fumble in the final act of your evening.


The Host With The Most Champagne

Remember, calculation is as much an art as it is a science. Hospitality is a fluid concept (pun intended), and ensuring there’s enough champagne mirrors the host’s grace—never quite definable by a formula, but always appreciated in abundance.

Sip on your own advice, dear host, and take your estimates with a grain of sugar that’s been charmed into bubbles. Your guests will lift their glasses, and with just the right amount, they’ll toast not just the occasion, but the attention to detail that made it fizz and sparkle like champagne.


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