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High-Quality Shipping Containers for Sale: Explore Tradecorp’s Wide Range

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Shipping Containers For Sale

Shipping, trade, and transportation are all dependent on container units. Packing a shipment is the most crucial step during dispatching, and the idea is to load it in a way that makes as few movements as possible while ensuring durability. They must bear the weather conditions, and maintaining quality and quantity is also necessary. Do you know how many shipping containers there are?

It is essential to know since it will be helpful for shipping containers for sale. You might not be; we will understand the different containers used in this article.

Flat Rack Containers

Containers with flat racks are ideally suited to transporting heavy loads or cargo that requires loading from the top or sides. Generally, these containers come in 20′ and 40′ sizes and are used in trucks, boats, cranes, generators, large engines, and more.

High-Quality Shipping Containers

Open-top containers

The absence of solid roofs characterizes open-top containers. Instead, they feature detachable bows and a weather-resistant tarpaulin cover that can be fastened using ropes. This design facilitates a much simpler procedure for loading and unloading. Additionally, the door header can be swung outward for easy access.

Dry storage container

These types of storage containers are the most common types of containers used in the shipping industry. The invention of dry storage containers contributes to the globalization of commerce in the second half of the 20th century. Come in different lengths; they are primarily designed for dry goods. It is not an ideal fit if you are willing to transport food products or chemicals because dry storage containers do not allow for temperature controls. Containers help reduce the cost of transporting goods and hence long-distance trade.

Open-side storage container

As the name suggests, this type of container has one long side that can completely open. Containers are helpful for broad commodities that may be difficult to get through tunnels or dry storage containers. It can protect the commodity inside even after the side swings are open. Multiple businesses use these for produce since it helps keep the produce fresh for much longer than traditional storage methods. Moreover, various companies also use these open side containers to transport their products overseas. You can ask for shipping containers for sale.

ISO Tanks

ISO tanks are storage containers primarily designed to hold liquids. Other the liquids, these tanks can also be used to store dry goods like sugar, but most often, these are exclusively used for liquids. ISO tanks are generally constructed out of anti-corrosive materials because chemicals are stored in these. The materials help protect liquid freight inside. Multiple times the tanks are used to carry goods overseas.

Special purpose containers

Special-purpose containers are made of any shape or dimension. Generally, the containers carry certain goods, which demand custom containers to be made from them. It is necessary to load for some goods like providing safe and sustainable working habitat for military personnel. But, the container demands costly investment to create and transport. Because of this, multiple companies avoid using special-purpose containers.

High-Quality Shipping Containers

Half height shipping containers

As the name suggests, the containers are half the height of full-sized containers. These are mostly made of steel and are specially used for goods like coal, stones, and more, as it demands easy loading and unloading. In addition to transporting vehicles, containers of this type can be used as cargo platforms for granular materials such as sand, gravel, and crushed stone.

Refrigerated ISO containers

The refrigerated container or reefer is a container that is temperature regulated and always maintains a controlled low temperature. These are similar to regular containers but function as large fridges with temperature control to transport temperature-sensitive cargo like fruits, meat, seafood, dairy, and more. A reefer will have an integral refrigeration unit that relies on external power for electrical power points. They can be powered by diesel generators (“gen sets”) attached to a trailer or rail wagon when transported over the road.

Car carriers

These types of containers are used to transport cars, liquid materials, and unique goods. The container is made of solid materials and built for a specific interest. As you know, multiple types of containers are available, but car carriers are the most common variation.

Final Words!

The type of container used for shipping a product is essential; not only should it provide adequate protection for the cargo, but it should also be able to withstand the rigors of being transported over long distances and varying weather conditions. We have provided you with some of the popular containers used for shipping internationally.

The containers have strong materials that withstand long travel and extreme weather conditions. The containers also have secure locks that protect the goods and prevent tampering during transit. If you want these shipping containers for sale, browse Google and contact a reliable manufacturer.



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