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Gambling Watchdog Plans To Ban Online Credit Card Bets

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Are you thinking about venturing into the vast world of online gambling? Maybe there is a game or some new strategies that you want to put to the ultimate test. Perhaps, you are thinking about opening your own betting site where punters can bet on games from all around the world.

Whatever the situation is, there is simply no denying that there are tons of opportunities in the gambling industry. And, the best part is that these opportunities can be more than lucrative for the right individuals. All that aside, you do need to also realize the fact that things are constantly changing in the online gambling industry. It seems that one of the latest changes could be huge and it could impact the industry in a severe way.

Exploitation Of Vulnerable Customers

If you have done any research into online gambling or plan on, you will without a doubt come across someone or some entity talking about vulnerable punters. Many institutions and government bodies are claiming that online gambling is harmful to the public.

There are many claims that online gambling is not only addictive, but there are also tons of claims that online providers specifically target vulnerable individuals. Whether this is the case or not, it seems that the industry has made moves.

And, they are doing this by preparing to ban bookmakers from taking credit card deposits. The Gambling Commission has not yet announced when, but they plan on banning online providers from taking credit card payments.

Why The Changes?

If you have been following along with the online gambling industry then you already know that certain lobbies and charity groups have been pushing for something like this since the beginning. It was just two years ago that charity groups like GambleAware and Citizens Advice pushed for these changes.

They are claiming that the changes will help with online gambling addiction. There are a number of quality online providers like judi online that currently accept credit card payments, which has led to some of them racking up huge debts. In fact, there was one report of a single individual using 9 different credit cards to rack up massive debts. It was even said that this individual amassed nearly $60,000 in one night.

Targeting E-Wallets

Unfortunately, it looks like there could be more bad news on the horizon for gamblers and gambling institutions. It seems that getting credit cards blocked wasn’t enough for these charities. They are also pushing to get major e-wallets blocked as well. This would include the ultra-popular e-wallet PayPal. This came about after learning that the provider has allowed certain individuals to spend as much as $150,000 with online gambling providers.

Other Measures

There is no denying that gambling can be dangerous for some individuals. Even some individuals realize that they have a problem but just can’t stop. And, this is why other measures have been instituted. The gambling commission is going to create a site where addicted punters can sign up on a list.

Once signed up and registered on this list, the new program will block them from opening accounts. The system is also designed to spot attempts to fool it by using pseudonyms. It seems that there are good measures in place, whether they will work or not is a whole different story.

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