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What Should I Be Asking My Landscaping Contractor?



landscaping contractor

If you’re looking for a contractor that will provide you with landscaping service in Thornhill, there are a number of things you’ll want to keep in mind. Asking the right questions to your landscaping contractor will help them guide you in the right direction of what will and will not work for your yard.

No one wants to be spending their hard-earned money on a landscaping project that simply won’t work for their yard, and if your landscaping contractor is more aware of what’s on your mind, your yard will only benefit in the long run.

Questions To Ask Your Landscaping contractor

When you’re considering getting a landscaping service in Thornhill, you’ll want to write down every single question that pops up in your mind along the way. Landscaping is an investment, and because of that, you’ll want to be fully aware of what’s involved in it every step of the way.

Landscaping Contractor

Past Experience of The Contractor

As you’re looking around for landscaping contractors, it’s best to go with one that has some experience in the type of landscape design and vision that you have in mind. Before selecting your contractor, tell them about your entire vision in full detail so that they will be able to determine whether they have the skills and technical equipment to do the job.

No one wants to be hiring an inexperienced landscaping contractor that only has one job under their belt. Things could end up in a disaster fairly quickly, and by asking the right questions, you can avoid that from happening.

Consider asking your contractor for a list of projects they’ve done in the past. Ask them to provide you with a portfolio of their work. That might include pictures, videos, and referrals of jobs that they’ve done for previous clients. Seeing this will give you a better idea of what their capabilities are. Do some of the past projects look like something that you’re wanting to get done for your yard?

Every landscaping contractor will differ in some way. Everyone has at least a little bit of a different approach to how they conduct their business. If your landscaping vision is a vastly complicated one that consists of many different design elements, shapes, and patterns, and your contractor’s portfolio looks to be a collection of extremely basic jobs, you might want to keep looking. Take your time and if any red flags pop up, simply move on to the next contractor.

Duration Of Business

Another important thing to ask your landscaping contractor is how long they have been in business. If you’ve been referred to a contractor by your neighbour and the contractor has only started doing landscaping work within the same month, you might not be getting the same quality as a contractor that has been providing landscaping services for a decade.

Simply ask your contractor how long they have been providing landscaping services. Describe to them the vision that you have in mind and see if they have the experience to make your vision come true. They might be offering a more affordable price for your project, but that could also be because they haven’t been in the industry for a long period of time.


It’s always nice to see some sort of certification from a contractor that is working on your yard. There are a variety of different certifications available, and certifications will show that the contractor is serious about keeping up to date on all of the latest techniques in the industry.

Many certifications need to be renewed on an annual basis and to renew the certifications, they typically need to provide proof of ongoing development in the industry.

Landscaping Contractor

How Long Will The Job Take?

One of the most important questions that you’ll want to ask your landscaping contractor is how long the job is going to take. Ensure that you ask them what their start date and end date would be. Sometimes contractors promise to be able to start on certain dates and end up getting backlogged due to issues with a previous job.

A professional contractor should be able to give you a specific timeline of when they are able to start and finish a job. A professional contractor will also be able to foresee any hiccups along the way and account for that into their timeline. Some will purposely add a week onto a job even if they know that it won’t take that long just to be on the safe side. A contractor that is able to provide you with a good timeline estimate shows that they are organized.

Terms Of Payment

You’ll also want to ask your contractor how much does landscape design cost and what are the terms of payment.You won’t want to hire a contractor that asks you to pay for the entire price before the work has even started. Any professional landscaping contractor wouldn’t ask something like this. Before the project starts, make sure you specify what the payment terms are.

Many contractors will work within timelines for payment. If they finish a certain task by a certain timeline, payment for that task will be provided, and then they will move onto the next task.

A lot of contractors provide financing for their work. If you’re interested in that, you’ll want to discuss what that entails during the first time you meet with the contractor.


Before you start landscaping service in Thornhill, ask your contractor if they are aware of the bylaws in the area that you’re in. If the contractor isn’t from around your region, then they might not be aware of all of the applicable bylaws necessary to do the job properly. Some jobs require a permit before you can start them, and a contractor should be researched and educated on the building codes for your project before they begin.

Get A Contract

Another very important thing to ask from your landscaping contractor is if you can get a detailed contractor written up for the services provided. The contractor should include things like:

  • The work that was performed
  • Materials
  • Budget

Ask if the contractor can be clear in what the contractor entailed. Some contractors are as vague as possible, and that can cause some confusion later on down the road.

If you’re looking for a landscaping service in Thornhill, you should consider hiring Avanti Landscaping as your contractor. Their extreme passion for landscaping will have your backyard looking exactly as how you’ve envisioned it to appear.

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