Essential Tools Every Business Must Have In A Changing World
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Essential Tools Every Business Must Have in a Changing World



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When you are running a business there is a need to constantly adapt to changing situations. The coronavirus pandemic has caused a huge upheaval in the way business is conducted in a changing world. Contact between people around the world has to be kept minimum and businesses should be run remotely as long as it is possible.

In this case, there are a couple of things that every business must have to function properly when both employees and bosses are in their homes instead of sitting next to each other as is usually the case in offices. In this case, how do you share files? How do you get them signed if you need approval?

How do you keep a track of expenses that you have made to keep your business running when you are not even going in to work?

There are a variety of tools like file sharing apps, signature makers etc. which are absolutely necessary to have for conducting business seamlessly as almost everyone works remotely. Here are a few tools that you might find useful if you are running a business.

Content Management System (CMS)

It has become almost mandatory for businesses to have an online presence. Most customers, no matter what type of product or service you are selling, almost refuse to buy from a business unless they have a website. Active social media pages with engaging content obviously earn more brownie points.

Most people would prefer to look up a business online before visiting a brick and mortar location. If you are just starting out then hiring a professional to build your website might be too expensive for you but there are quite a few budget-friendly CMS tools available online that can help you build a website and keep track of the content that you put up on it.

They have many pre-designed themes which help make your website look decent. This is definitely a useful tool to have in these times.

Team Chat App

business, signature, app, software, tool, computer

Coordination among the team members is of utmost importance to conduct business smoothly. You might need to know how far along a certain task is or any other detail about a project. If your employee is working remotely then you will have to locate their phone number and text or call them.

This is where a team chat app is useful. You can just ping anyone on your team regarding any information you need. You don’t have to look up their phone numbers or wait for them to answer your call or reply to your text. Team chat apps help everyone within a business setting to stay connected.

File Sharing Tools

While working in the office you can just walk over to one of your colleagues or to your boss and hand them any file that you need to share with them. But this is not possible when your team is working from home. You could use emails but some files may be too large to be sent over email.

Because the data in a file may be too sensitive to be emailed. There is also the fear of a file getting lost in the cloud if you are emailing it. So, it is better to opt for a file sharing tool.

Everyone who needs it must have access to the drive where files are stored and when anyone is done with a file he/she may upload it to the drive from where anyone else who needs it can access it. This is a hassle-free option to share files back and forth between the team running a business.

Accounting Software

business, signature, app, software, tool, computer

A business is nothing without profits. Maintaining a proper tally of the cost of running a business and the profits earned is an essential part of smooth functioning of a business.

Accounting software can be a handy tool that takes away your accounting woes. You can just put in your expenses and your sales figures and you will get a sum of the profits or losses (We hope not!) you have made over a certain period of time.

If you are just starting out and cannot yet hire someone to keep your books then accounting software is exactly what you need.

Timesheet App

A timesheet app helps you keep track of when your employees are clocking in and how many hours of work they are putting in throughout the day. If you hire people who are paid hourly then this is the app you need. You won’t have to keep track of how many hours they actually worked to calculate their pay.

This device will tell you how many hours they have worked and you can pay them accordingly. Timesheet apps are systematic and the easier way to make sure that your employees is working for the stipulated amount of time that they are supposed to.

Electronic signature maker

Seeking consent and approval by physically signing documents has become nearly impossible as offices function remotely. Sometimes, a verbal consent may not be enough. What do you do in such a situation? Worry not, electronic signature makers are here to your rescue. Y

ou can use these softwares to create your digital signature and you can then use this to sign off on any documents that require your approval. They are really simple to use. You have to type your name and pick one of the various signature fonts that resembles your handwritten signature the most and that’s your electronic signature which can then be added to documents where your signature is required.

To Conclude

Yes, it is tough to work remotely but technology has adapted to make working from home easier for everyone. If you need to do your books use accounting softwares. Need to sign a document? Use E-signature software. Need to keep track of the hours your employees work? Use a timesheet app. These are just a few software’s that make working easier so you can hit the right work-life balance.


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