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Top 5 Tips for Choosing the Right Tree Trimming Service

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Tree Trimming

Having trees around your house has numerous benefits. They give shade, insulate your home from noise and dust, and improve curb appeal. According to Forbes, you need tree trimming regularly to keep them from damaging your home and keeping them healthy.

While you can trim the trees yourself, hiring a tree trimming services company is better because they have the equipment and the expertise to do a better job. However, choosing the right trimming company can be hard if you don’t know what to look consider. Some handy tips:

1. Ask for Tree Trimming recommendations:

Ask other homeowners in your area how they tackle tree trimming and which companies they use. Word-of-mouth recommendations from people you can trust can be valuable because they will be free of bias. Use the recommendations to draw up a list of companies you can interview.

tree trimming

2. Get multiple quotes:

You should never make the mistake of talking to one company and signing them up. The best way to choose a tree trimming service is to talk to at least three companies. Ask them about their approach and facilities, and get quotes from them.

You will be wiser about the scope of the work and make a more informed decision. Ask for detailed written quotes, because you can compare and contrast better. It may be better to ask for quotes after you define the scope of supply, otherwise, you may end up comparing apples with oranges.

Having the quotes in black and white will also prevent nasty surprises after the job is over.

3. Don’t let the price be the only criterion:

When interviewing tree trimming companies, go into the details of their experience, the equipment they will use, the time they will take, and the terms of the contract, in addition to the price. If you see a significantly lower quote, be alert and find the reason.

Also, avoid the most expensive quote, since many companies try to rip off customers, hoping they will not know better. Be sure to ask Real Tree Trimming & Landscaping, Inc near Pompano Beach for a quote. Follow the map:

4. Check their certification:

You need to ensure that the company you hire possesses the licenses and permits the state and the local administration requires.

If the company does not have the license to operate where you live, you and the company could land in trouble with the authorities. Make it a point to see their certifications, as it will indicate they are serious about their work and not a fly-by-night operator.

tree trimming

5. Inquire about their insurance and safety policies:

Trimming trees or removing stumps with specialized equipment may be a day’s job for the company, but it can be hazardous to them, neighbors, and you. Find out what safety measures they take to prevent accidents and the kind of insurance coverage they have. Without adequate insurance, you could be liable for accidents on your premises.


You should sign on the dotted line only when you are confident that the tree-trimming company is competent and offers good value for tree trimming costs. Engage the company only if you feel confident about their expertise and the attitude to do a good job of tree trimming and removal.

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