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English Tuition in Singapore: 5 Top Reasons a Tutor Will Give you An Advantage

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English Tuition in Singapore

Let’s face the truth that almost all Singaporean students experience: English is a difficult subject to learn and understand in school for non-native speakers.

While it may seem easy to converse in English, when it comes to pronunciation and other grammar rules, many have trouble just keeping up with the dictionary.

However, there is a way to learn and improve the usage of the English language that will eventually prove fun and will benefit the student in the future. English tuition in Singapore can help with this.

1. English language for your future

Singapore is a country with its own fast-paced environment. This is because Singapore needs to keep pace with other countries. So, in reality, this leaves little time to intricately study the English language and all its ins and outs.

But the main perk of mastering the English language – not just having a rudimentary knowledge – is becoming proficient to better communicate and express yourself and your thoughts to the fullest. You can have more words to choose from when constructing sentences. You will write and sound less repetitive with fewer grammatical errors.

2. For job interviews

Being proficient in the English language also means it becomes your valuable asset when being interviewed for a job. It will show to the interviewer, or panel of interviewers, that you have proficient knowledge in the language and are capable to articulate words clearly.

You can also express your thoughts in better ways especially when answering questions. This also shows that in the future, when you are already working for a company, you can express yourself verbally in team meetings or when giving presentations.

2. A big boost of confidence

Being proficient in English means a large boost to your confidence. This is because you will no longer doubt when you speak or write because of your better understanding of the grammatical rules and other details that come with the English language.

You will no longer fear mistakes and failures when you speak or write because of the confidence you have due to your mastery of English.

3. Better grades

Mastering the English language at a young age means better and higher grades as you progress from elementary to secondary and tertiary levels. As you get high grades in the language, this boosts your confidence as well.

Proficiency in the English language means you have the knowledge to ace every English test and exam, provided of course that you studied well enough, or received the best personal home tutoring in English (such as provided by FamilyTutor).

4. Your learning and mastery will continue beyond your school years

Even after you’ve finished schooling and outgrown your home tutoring years, the force of learning habits will continue as you stumble upon unfamiliar terms or new words as you read or even watch TV or movies.

As you look up these new terms/words/expressions, you are adding them to your already awesome arsenal of words and language knowledge. Your English will thus sound well-trained and more expressive.

5. At FamilyTutor

This agency is hailed as Singapore’s top home tuition agency. Our English tuition in Singapore as well as with other subjects such as Math, Chinese, Economics, and others, is second to none because our full-time and part-time tutors are chosen from the country’s top schools such as the National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University.

Singapore, Singapore Institute of Technology, Singapore Management University, Singapore University of Technology and Design, and Singapore University of Social Sciences. We are highly recognized by Singapore’s credible media outlets like The Strait Times and MediaCorp.

Corporate Live Wire has also presented us with its Singapore Prestige Award during the 2020 awards. Our tutors cover all 28 housing districts in the country, and since our founding, we have left more than 8,000 satisfied families.

We have served these families – and continue to serve other families – by ensuring that students get the tutor they deserve and need. We offer private home and online tuition for all levels and subjects, covering more than 200 subjects for Singapore students.

FamilyTutor is Singapore’s top home and online tuition agency with the highest quality of 5-star reviews anywhere in the country, online or otherwise.

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