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What You Really Should Know About Timber Cladding in 2023

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Timber cladding

Timber cladding has become a common outside feature of modern homes for practical and artistic reasons. Cladding gives a distinctive design element to homes since it is a natural material. The property is surrounded by graceful, slick lines that give it a more statement-like appearance. It may be used in residential and commercial structures because of its adaptability.

The Advantages of Timber Cladding

Recent years have seen a rise in the use of timber cladding as siding for houses, owing to its ability to blend style and practicality successfully. It also possesses some valuable qualities. For many years, exterior timber cladding has been an ideal type.

Natural Beauty

Create a pleasing contrast within an urban context or give a seamless transition between the building and the surrounding natural environment. Who can withstand the enduring beauty of timber? Humans are biophilic creatures, which means we are attracted to raw materials like timber.


Timber is the only natural, environmentally beneficial building material you need. Sequestering carbon, which stores dangerous glasshouse gases in the atmosphere, is a great way to include a sustainable concept in your project. Their products can be obtained from any reputable wood merchant. This indicates that for every tree that is chopped down to construct your cladding, a new tree is planted in its place.


A simple, natural material is timber. It implies that, at least in comparison to other external finishing materials, it is simple to replace, alter, or remove. You are bound to a particular style. Eye-catching paint or beautiful staining is never too tough to create and only needs specialized tools if you have a creative eye or can’t make up your mind. Creating original, innovative designs that fit any architectural concept is also easy.

Time and Money Restrictions

Any timber cladding project has the potential to “go big,” of course, but there are also many affordable timbers that look fantastic and perform well. It’s also important to note that timber is simple and quick to handle, use, and install since it is lighter than other building materials.

What Function Does Timber Cladding Serve?

Timber cladding serves as the outside “skin” of a structure. It serves as a supplementary layer of weather protection for the building. Timber cladding may improve the aesthetics of any design because of its appearance. Timber cladding may also be used on ceilings for cosmetic reasons.

The timber cladding that protects a wall is composed of overlapping boards. The idea is comparable to roof shingles in concept. The cladding leaves a little gap between it and the wall it surrounds. This enables any incoming moisture to drain or evaporate.

Varieties of Timber Cladding

Which timber to pick is among the most crucial factors for homeowners to consider when choosing feature timber cladding. We’ve produced a list of some of the timbers that are suitable for cladding from among the many available:

Timber Glulam Cladding

Multiple layers of wood are combined with solid adhesives to form durable Glulam timber cladding. Superior strength, stiffness, and durability compared to other conventional cladding materials are a few advantages. Additionally, the study indicates that Glulam is an environmentally safe material that might assist the government in meeting its goals for glasshouse gas emissions. Glulam may be created via various techniques, depending on the situation.

Multi-Depth Cladding

It is a design aesthetic that uses boards of various widths and thicknesses. Together, they provide texture and depth. Deep and shallow pieces of wood create shadows based on the intensity of the light hitting the cladding.

Western Red Cedar

This is often used for cladding since it doesn’t decay, is durable, and doesn’t need any pre-treatment. Additionally, since it is soft, it may be moulded in any required way.


Blackbutt is a hardwood, plain and simple. It has lovely colours, often in soft shades with pink undertones on occasion. The texture varies from even to medium, and the grain pattern is straight.

Blackbutt is a flexible plant that may be used in various ways. The substance could be polished or discoloured. However, issues with paintings might arise.

What Differentiates Timber Cladding from Other Materials?

Timber cladding is versatile and lightweight. It doesn’t need any extra support, making it a less expensive option in specific constructions. The piers, columns, and posts of the structure are sturdy enough to hold wood siding.

Timber is the most appealing material available. It provides any structure with a rich, organic appearance that blends in nicely with its surroundings. It is available in a variety of hues, finishes, and textures. Additionally, wood serves as a natural insulator. It reduces the cost of heating and cooling.


Timber cladding may bring great value to any space because of its unforced beauty, toughness, and practicality. Therefore, charred timber cladding suppliers always deliver on any timber cladding projects you may have in mind, whether for house repairs or to add raw, attention-grabbing character to a company design. Any building’s façade may benefit from its clean, natural attractiveness.


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