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Discover the Ninja Nature in You with Ninja, Ninjago & Naruto Coloring Pages



Naruto Coloring Pages

Ninjas are not just people who wear black and carry around throwing stars. They are also people with a lot of skills that can help you out in your day-to-day life. This blog post is all about the different ways that ninjas can be helpful, as well as some Ninja coloring pages, Ninjago coloring pages & Naruto coloring pages for anime fans to enjoy! I hope you enjoy reading this blog post about Ninja Nature in You!

What does Ninja mean?

The word ninja is used to describe a covert agent or mercenary in feudal Japan who specialized in unorthodox arts of war. Though their covert methods of waging irregular warfare were deemed “dishonorable” and “beneath” the samurai-caste, they were critical to victory against superior enemy forces.

The origin of Ninja?

The etymology of the word ninja is unclear. “Ninja” was not in common use in Japan until the 17th century, and it is unlikely that earlier antecedents existed. The early recorded history of the ninja comes from the account written by 16th-century warlord Tokugawa Ieyasu, who was a shogun of Japan at the time, which strongly suggests that his account was a fabrication.

The first known use of ninjas in writing was in 1560, where it referred to followers or disciples, though it may have been used earlier than this to describe guerrilla fighters who harassed the enemy via assassinations, kidnappings, and sabotage. There are various popular theories regarding how ninjas got their name including:

A possible origin comes from the Chinese word “nineright” meaning “to observe and study.” In Mandarin, this term was pronounced as “nian,” which was transliterated into Japanese as “nin.” The second character in ninjutsu is “jutsu,” meaning “art” or “skill,” resulting in the word ninja.

Another possibility suggested is that it came from the characters for “left” and “.” When these characters were put together, they formed the word nigate, meaning “invisible.” Ninja could have been derived from this word, referring to their ability to move undetected.

It is also possible that ninja was a combination of two words: ninda, meaning thief, and oni, meaning demon. This would make sense, as ninjas were often thought of as the spawn of demons.

Are there many Ninja today?

There is no reliable evidence to suggest how many ninja remain in Japan or around the world today. Because their activities were and are considered secretive, it is difficult to know for certain. Some sources estimate that there may be as few as 200 ninjas active today, while others claim that there may be thousands.

Discover the Ninja Nature in You with these Ninja-themed Coloring Pages

Now that you have some background on what ninja are and where they came from, why not explore your inner ninja with these fun coloring pages? These pages feature characters from the popular Ninja, Ninjago, and Naruto franchises, so you can color and learn about your favorite characters at the same time.

1. Ninja coloring pages

Ninjas were the secret agent of their time and were often used for espionage and sabotage. However, they preferred to fight rather than recline in seclusion so there was a strong emphasis on martial arts, weapons training, and swimming. The studio behind the popular Ninja Turtle also created a ninja-themed show called “Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation”. Their crime-fighting exploits took place in feudal Japan where they fought against shape-shifting demons while trying to protect a princess from an evil warlord.

Naruto Coloring Pages

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2. Ninjago coloring pages

The popular Lego Ninjago TV series follows the adventures of six young ninja warriors who protect their home island of Ninjago from evil villains. Master Wu, the wise mentor of the group, teaches them the art of Spinjitzu which enables them to summon elemental power and defeat enemies. The characters in the show are Zane, Kai, Cole, Jay, Nya, and Lloyd.

Naruto Coloring Pages

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3. Naruto coloring pages

The popular anime series “Naruto” tells the story of a young ninja who strives to become the strongest one ever and protect his village from evil forces. The show has spawned numerous movies, video games, action figures, and other merchandise. It’s also been adapted into a successful manga series.

Naruto Coloring Pages

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– The protagonist of the story, Naruto Uzumaki, is an orphan who was abandoned by his parents and raised in the village of Konohagakure. He possesses a powerful demon called the Nine-tailed Fox which he must keep under control. As he trains to become a ninja, Naruto discovers that he has the potential to be greater than anyone ever imagined.

– His rival and best friend is Sasuke Uchiha who is also striving to become the most powerful ninja ever. Sasuke is from a prestigious family and initially looks down on Naruto but eventually comes to respect him for his determination and strength.

– The primary antagonist of the story is Orochimaru who desires to obtain immortality so that he can rule the world. He is a master of ninjutsu and has the ability to transform into different creatures in order to achieve his goals.

– The Hidden Leaf Village is the home of Naruto and Sasuke, as well as many other powerful ninjas. It’s protected by the Fourth Hokage who sacrificed his life to seal away the Nine-tailed Fox inside of Naruto.


Ninjas are awesome! If you’re looking for a new way to spend your free time, Ninja coloring pages, Ninjago coloring pages & Naruto coloring pages might be just the thing. As an added bonus they also offer some great lessons in mindfulness and relaxation. What do you think? Have any of these ninja-inspired coloring sheets caught your eye? Visit for more interesting coloring pages!


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