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The Ancient Handicraft of Lost Wax Casting: Discover Exquisite Dhokra Art



Discover Exquisite Dhokra Art

In the age of mass production and technological marvels, there’s a profound beauty and charm in embracing the handcrafted traditions of yore. One such mesmerizing art form is the ancient art of Lost Wax Casting or Dhokra Art, which breathes life into mud, metal and wax to metamorphose into intricate sculptures and artefacts.

This art form, popularly known as Dhokra Art, stands out as a testament to human creativity and the rich cultural heritage of India. The art of Dhokra has been around for more than 4000 years, and magnificent specimens have been excavated from the ruins of the Indus Valley civilization. The dancing girl of Mohenjo-Daro is among the most well-known examples of Dhokra art worldwide.

Even today, it is a highly prized art form not only in India but around the globe. While appreciating local and folk art is an individual choice, it is critical to recognise that these indigenous art forms often preserve the richness of a civilization’s history and heritage. Certain tribal communities in India still spend their waking hours crafting stunning Dhokra handicrafts.

The allure of this handcrafted artistry holds a special place in the hearts of art connoisseurs worldwide. Planet Handcrafted, the definitive e-commerce platform for fine, handmade art celebrates this union of heritage and master craftsmanship and curates a wonderful collection of Dhokra art.

1. The Legacy of Dhokra Art

Dhokra art, also known as dhokra handicrafts, is a traditional Indian metal casting technique that creates intricate sculptures using the Lost Wax Casting method. The process involves crafting an intricately detailed wax model, encasing it in layers of clay, and then heating it to melt the wax and drain it through pre-created channels within the clay mould.

Heating hardens the clay leaving behind a hollow mould with intricate details on the inside of the mould. Molten metal, often a combination of brass and other alloys, is poured into the mould, taking its shape. The mould is then left to cool, and the metal inside solidifies to take the form of the designs on the inside.

The mould is then broken, and the figurine inside is taken out, polished, and buffed to give it the final finish. Sometimes a dash of colour is added to add effects, highlight, and further embellish the piece. The result is a stunning, one-of-a-kind masterpiece that exudes rustic charm and incredible beauty.

2. Unmatched Craftmanship

What truly sets Dhokra art apart is its intricate designs that reflect the essence of rural life, mythology, and various animals and birds. Artisans meticulously hand-craft each piece, infusing it with a unique blend of tradition and beauty. From figurines of tribal men and women adorned in traditional attire to depictions of gods and goddesses, Dhokra sculptures capture the essence of India’s rich cultural tapestry that resides in its tribal communities.

3. Modern Relevance and Global Appeal

Dhokra art is a timeless reminder of the beauty that emerges from human hands in a world increasingly dominated by assembly line products. Its popularity has transcended borders, attracting admirers worldwide who recognize the value of preserving our common human heritage. Dhokra sculptures find their place not only in households across the globe but also in art galleries and exhibitions worldwide.

4. Preservation of Cultural Heritage and Empowering Communities

Beyond its visual allure, Dhokra art holds immense cultural and socioeconomic importance. This craft has been passed down through generations, sustaining rural livelihoods and empowering local communities. The creation of Dhokra art involves a collective effort, with artisans specializing in various stages of the intricate process. This unity not only preserves a precious heritage but also strengthens the bonds within the community.

5. A Personal Connection

Owning a piece of Dhokra art is like holding a tangible piece of timeless human heritage. It’s a connection to a world beyond your own, a testament to the stories of artisans who have poured their souls into their craft. Whether you’re adorning your living space with a dhokra masterpiece or gifting it to someone on a special occasion, you’re helping preserve an endangered art form and protecting our common human heritage.

The unique collection of Dhokra Art at Planet Handcrafted is more than just an assortment of artefacts; it’s an invitation to delve into a world where artistry transcends time. Each piece carries with it the whispers of artisans of past and present, and by being a part of this journey, you also become a custodian of this legacy. Join us in celebrating the art of Dhokra, stories waiting to be told, and the history we can truly celebrate as a species. Visit them at to discover fine, authentic Dhokra art.



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