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Invested in a 6-Stall Horse Barn? Effective Cleaning Tips for Horse Barns

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Running an equestrian farm seamlessly is not a cakewalk. From understanding the requirements to executing them, you need to be involved with everything for the best experience. While you can communicate your specifications with the horse barn builders so they can configure accordingly, the maintenance and cleaning are for you to implement. A clean and tidy barn is always a priority, ensuring enhanced functionality and making the space hygienic.

A horse barn primarily shelters horses and stores equestrian equipment and materials in a protected and safe environment. Your horse barn would have both active and ill horses and is bound to get dirty and cluttered throughout the day and over the weeks and months. As a barn owner, you must strategize the cleaning and maintenance as required and try to maintain a spick and span barn space. In this blog, we have devised some tips to help make the cleaning endeavor effective.

Undertake a cleaning activity only when the stalls are empty

This is very important, and you must pay heed to it, as you must strategize and start cleaning only when the barn is empty and the horses are away grazing or training. You must look into the stalls and the aisle, which are cleaned extensively by removing all the stuff like toys, food supplies, water storage, etc. It is important to ensure that your horses and their stuff remain uncontaminated or exposed to dust and cleaning agents, as that could be harmful. So, take special care and ensure that your horses and their things are kept away during the cleaning activities.

Invest in proper cleaning tools for horse barns

Another important factor to consider when cleaning 6-stall horse barn plans or any other barn is having access to proper and efficient cleaning tools. Before anything else, we suggest you pick up a thick and comfortable pair of hand gloves and rubber work boots as protection against microbes and bacteria growing in horse urine and manure. For an effective cleaning spree, you will need tools like a shovel, wheelbarrow, pitchfork, etc., to remove the used bedding, dirt, dropping, and other hazardous debris hygienically.

Cleaning the soiled bedding

Used and soiled bedding helps with thriving microbes and bacteria that could be dangerous for the animals. Thus, clearing away soiled bedding and replacing it with fresh ones is essential to maintain sanitary conditions. The right method is to fork the manure and bedding into the wheelbarrow while shoveling out the wet bedding before beginning an extensive cleaning spree. You must also ensure the wheelbarrow is not completely filled, as it could lead to spilling while disposing of the waste. Thus, it is recommended that you take lighter trips to keep contamination at bay.

Make sure that you use thick bedding

We need and want thick and supportive mattresses to rest or sleep. Similarly, the horses won’t want it any other way. Thus, it becomes essential that you invest in fresh and comfortable bedding, which will ensure enough support and comfort for the horse’s body. One thing that you can do is check and fluff the bedding with a pitchfork and ensure the thickness before letting your horses use the same. One trick to check for the thickness of the bedding is to tap the fork through the bedding, and if you hear the sound of the floor, it indicates that the bedding is too thin.

Connect with Ulrich for quality barn structures

Before you prioritize the cleaning and maintenance of a horse barn, you must invest in a top-notch structure that promises durability, comfort, and safety. Ulrich is a family-owned business that has been associated with barn manufacturing for over 50 years. They are one of the most reliable and renowned horse barn builders, as all their structures are made in America. The right manufacturer will also guide you through the proper maintenance and cleaning activities apart from ensuring exceptional structural integrity.

Trust Ulrich for your equestrian structures, as they offer the best in quality and durability. Ulrich 6-stall horse barn plans are designed from galvanized steel and Galvalume interiors, ensuring a lifetime kick-through guarantee. These barns are customizable to cater to your requirements. They also offer a 5-year manufacturer warranty on all their barn models. Design your horse barn today and follow the cleaning advice to maintain a hygienic and clean barn environment.


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