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Can Our Gender Really Influence the Way We Gamble?



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Gambling is a great way to make lots of money daily with just a little cash or investment. Gambling also helps you to enjoy yourself and have fun, because gambling is an exciting activity. Furthermore, according to articles released by a popular health website. Furthermore gambling is a stress reliever and a way you can get out of depression, because you will definitely interact with people and make new friends when you Gamble.

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Every year, millions of men and women are involved in gambling activities. Although gambling was viewed as a game played by only the men, the rise of some powerful female gamblers actually opened the door for females too.

However, there has been some arguments in recent years by so many people that the gender of a person can influence the gambling decisions of a person and online polls conducted by Harvard has confirmed this claims, with more than 55% of voters ascertaining to the notion that their gender influence the way they gamble. However, after severe investigations, I will not sit on the fence on this one and I will join the notion that the gender of a person has a great influence on the gambling activities of a person.

Female gamblers dominate the game of poker

The game of poker is one of the most common games in a modern day casino. According to information released by Duke, it is the third most-highly cherished memories game in a casino. However, female gamblers are the highest players of poker with an online survey carried out by Harvard showing that more than 10% of all online gamblers are women who are playing the game of poker.

Hence, gender influence the way we gamble with more women preferring the game of poker to most games available in the casino.

  • Women invest less

In the gambling world, gambling is influenced by gender in many ways and one of the ways is that the gender of a person will determine how much a person is willing to invest to earn huge profits or earnings when playing. However, according to an online study conducted by Harvard, women stake less amount of money than men and they prefer to win a less amount of money due to their small investments. On the other hand, their male counterparts are very much different with most men ready to risk millions of dollars to win a fat jackpot.

  • Most online gamblers are men

Technology has led to the evolution of the casino industry and its impact is felt the most in no other area than the development of the online casino platforms and apps that enable male and female gamblers to play online casino games from anywhere in the world. However, based on a report obtained by Harvard, most gamblers that play their games online are men, hence it proves the argued fact that gender can influence the way we gamble.

  • Sports betting or Online casino?

There are various forms of gambling. You can either gamble by staking your cash on live games that are available on a particular sports event for a return that is winnable if all your predictions are correct or you can gamble by playing online casino games like video poker, barraccat, roulette, slots, progressives and many others. However, according to online polls released by Duke, the female gamblers then dominate the online casino world more than the male gamblers, with the male gamblers preferring the sports betting sites. This goes to further prove that gender can influence the way they gamble.

  • Men dominate the brick and mortar casinos

The sight of a lady playing a casino game in the midst of up to 10 men is one of the rare sights in a brick and mortar casino because the males dominate the brick and mortar casinos. Men dominate the brick and mortar casinos in the sense that they have a higher population in the casino that is far greater than their female counterparts. According to investigations carried out by Psu, this occurs because the ladies are normally too shy to compete in the physical casinos, but would rather prefer the less intimidating comforts of the online casino platforms and apps. However, most women prefer the online casinos because of this, hence, gender can influence the gaming decision of the person.

  • Women are the target of most online advertising campaigns

The female gender is currently the major targets of most advertisement campaigns run by betting companies and online casinos because they know that they can make lots of profits off the female gamblers than their male counterparts. This is because most women lack the technical knowledge and skills needed to win.

Conclusively, the gender of a person has a massive role to play in determining the gambling decisions of a person. Recent studies and online polls conducted by Duke and Harvard have generated results that have confirmed these claims and also, suggestions from online health magazine Psu is also pointing towards this claim. However, if you are still having some doubts, this article has enough reasons to convince you.

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