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Why Echo Neon is The Best – Neon Brand Review



Why Echo Neon is The Best - Neon Brand Review

Echo neon is the most chosen neon sign brand for 5 years running. Individuals and businesses have turned to Echo neon for custom-made and ready-made LED neon signs for over a decade. So, what makes us special and why do thousands of people choose our services? Let’s find out.

What Makes Echo Neon The Best?

Here are the top 6 reasons why Echo neon is the best LED neon brand:

1. We Have The Best Prices

If you are looking for affordable LED neon signs either for your business or home decor, we have unbeatable prices. Echo neon is cheap because we make LED neon signs by ourselves and in our studios instead of reselling neon signs. Our customers enjoy cheap factory prices without reseller interest.

You also get to enjoy large discounts on your first order and slashed prices on bulk orders. Many of the LED neon signs on our neon sign sales page are between $100 and $300 and for $500 or less, we can build a custom sign for your business or home. Our prices are at least 20% lower than our competitors.

2. Our LED Neon Signs Have The Best Features

Our LED neon signs have the best features in the LED neon sign market. The signs feature sturdy flex tubing and an acrylic backboard frame. Our neon signs come with a remote controller but they also have a smartphone control feature so you can change your neon sign settings using your smartphone.

You can also choose from 28 nice fonts for your neon sign and up to 150 dynamic color effects so you can always find the perfect settings to light up any mood. The neon signs come with an installation kit and drilled holes at the back for easy installation.

If you want to use your neon sign outdoors, you can request the signs have a splash-proof feature. This will protect the sign from rain damage. LED signs by Echo neon have way better features than other neon brands.

3. Our LED Neon Signs Are Eco-Friendly

Echo neon signs are also environmentally friendly because they are built from recyclable materials like PVC and high-grade acrylic backboards. LED signs by Echo neon also don’t generate heat so they aren’t a fire hazard and they don’t make noise. You can use as many LED neon signs as you want without thinking of noise disturbance.

We don’t use neon gas or argon gas for our signs. Instead, we use low-energy LED bulbs to make our neon signs eco-friendly and safe for kids. Either inside your home or outdoors, our neon signs will not cause any harm.

4. We Are The First LED Neon Brand In America

Echo neon is the first LED neon brand in America and the most experienced LED neon brand. We have a team of trained professionals that customize, design, and produce each neon sign using the latest flex design.

We also produce the best custom-made neon signs for our customers. Our team of experts can build a LED neon sign for you based on your design in less than 10 days. We use advanced laser-cutting technology to cut the transparent tubes so they are a perfect fit for the design beneath the tube. Our decade-long experience is one of the many reasons customers choose us.

5. We Give The Best Customer Perks

Many people choose Echo neon because of the perks they enjoy while shopping from us. We offer a 20% discount on first orders, slash sales, a 12-month warranty on all electrical components of your neon sign, and free shipping among other amazing benefits.

6. We Care and Give Back

At Echo neon, we care and give back to the community. We support NICU families and healthcare workers, schools, teachers, bookstores, and health care programs. A percentage of our earnings are donated to these community programs and organizations. Learn more about Echo neon’s outreach programs.

Final Words

In summary, the features of our neon signs, the prices of our products, and terrific customer satisfaction are just some of the reasons we are the best LED neon sign brand out there. When you buy from Echo neon, you get the best in quality and design. Contact us today for all your LED neon sign needs.

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