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All to Know About Traveling to Thailand with Pets



Thailand With Your Pets

Should You Travel to Thailand With Your Pets?

Often referred to as the Land of Smiles, Thailand has often been a favorite destination for individuals, whether it is for relocation or travel. Now that CBD is being legalized in Thailand, many people are considering moving here for traveling purposes.

Now, you can’t leave your pets behind when you plan to travel to Thailand. That’s exactly why you need to know if you can travel with your pets to Thailand.

For a lot of people, their pets are their only friends, so when they plan on going on a vacation with them. If traveling to Thailand is your goal with your pet, you need to be aware of the laws. Moving to Thailand can be slightly expensive, especially when you have your travel buddy with you.

But do you know what’s the best? The culture of pets is at an all-time high in Thailand. As the tourism industry is booming, many people are moving to Thailand with their pets for travel. You can definitely keep that on your list. Moreover, if your pet needs extra medical care, there is no better place than Thailand.

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Why so?

Thailand has legalized the use of CBD and marijuana, which means you can get easy access to pet cbd products. There are various pet-friendly spas and restaurants where you can take your dogs. Well, one of the best parts is that in these spas, you can eventually treat your dogs to CBD-infused massages that can play an important role in reducing their pain


4 Rules of Traveling to Thailand with Pets

Once you make up your mind to take your furry friend with you to Thailand, you also need to know their laws and regulations. There are certain rules that you need to follow and various documents that you need to submit.

So, here are a few rules that you need to know to ensure a safe and smooth travel for your loved ones:

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Health Certificate

You need a proper health certificate for your pets when you’re traveling here. The health certificate is proof that your dog is doing well and is fit to travel. Moreover, this also prevents the risk of any hazard.

Proof of Vaccination

You must always travel to Thailand with a proper certificate of vaccination. Usually, you will need a vaccination certificate proving the pet has been vaccinated at least 21 days before their travel.

You will need proof of five important vaccines for dogs, including distemper, parvovirus, rabies, hepatitis and leptospirosis. Apart from dogs, you must also submit reports of cats like rabies and feline panleukopenia virus.

pet passport Thailand

Copy of Passport

You must also submit a copy of the owner’s passport for a comfortable and safe trip. This is to ensure that you can obtain the Import Permit. You need to reach out to the authorities to receive approval on the same.


You need to carry your dogs in the crate. So, you should ensure that you have proper cover. The airport authorities usually take this step to ensure that everyone is within the cover. You must follow the guidelines for carrying the dog at the airport so that you don’t face any problems.

Final Thoughts

When you’re traveling to Thailand, you will find it extremely beneficial and luxurious. However, it is advisable that since you’re traveling with your pets, you need to ensure that you follow the guidelines. This is not only important for you but also for the travelers around you. Moreover, if you’re traveling for safety purposes, you need to get CBD for dogs and follow the guidelines for consumption.

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