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7 Interesting Benefits of Planting a Flower



Benefits of Planting a Flower

A Flower is an enduring symbol of love and devotion. That explains why colorful plants constitute the most popular gift idea worldwide. Flowers are also effortless to cultivate. Anyone can care for these tender plants without necessarily being endowed with green thumbs when it comes to planting a flower.

In fact, most flowering species thrive with minimal human intervention. Besides their ease of growth and ability to convert your home into a magical spectacle, there are many more benefits to planting a flower today. This article highlights seven such benefits.

1. Planting a Flower Can Improve Your Mood

Research has proven that spending time closer to Mother Nature may help foster positive mental health. Most of these studies have especially cited flowering plants for their mood-enhancing abilities.

In one such experiment, researchers observed that study subjects who received flowers demonstrated reduced feelings of anxiety and depression. The group also displayed a higher sense of enjoyment and a positive attitude toward life. So, if you’re a Geelong resident and know a close friend or family member battling depression, the least you can do is deliver a flower to them unexpectedly. And the good news is that the city teems with reputable florists.

One important tip when looking for flower delivery Geelong is to insist on a shop that delivers fresh flowers at affordable fees and within the shortest time possible. It’s also best to consider stores that offer a variety of custom flower gifts, depending on the occasion. And needless to say, opt for florists that deliver within the more significant Geelong metropolis.

Benefits of Planting a Flower

2. Flowers Can Increase Creativity and Productivity

Many creatives admit that strolling across a blossoming meadow has helped them overcome the dreaded creative blocks. It turns out that there’s scientific evidence to that effect. One study attempted to investigate the impact of rose flowers on office workers.

In the end, researchers found that the group that received flowers exhibited lower levels of physical and mental fatigue. The flower group was also less anxious and more focused. These were the clearest indications that flowers could increase creativity and productivity.

3. Planting Flowers Encourages Sensory Development

This benefit has much to do with the gardening aspect of planting flowers. Gardening has been shown to stimulate all five senses. First, planting flowers stimulates your sense of touch as you feel the different textures of the soil and plants. And when the flowers eventually gloom, their enchanting beauty will indeed stimulate your sense of sight. In fact, flowers have been instrumental in helping humans learn numerous colors.

The sound of bees buzzing by to collect nectar and the sweet aroma of fragranced flowers can impact your senses of hearing and smell, respectively. Lastly, edible flowers like sunflowers can work your sense of taste when you snack on them, either raw or cooked.

4. Planting a flower can Fosters Mental Stamina

We’ve already explored how flowers can combat stress and anxiety, boosting creativity and mental focus. But that’s not all. Planting and tending to flowers is a mentally-involving activity. While most flower species are relatively hardy and can thrive without your input, heightened attention is required to nurture them during their early stages.

7 Interesting Benefits of Planting a Flower

There are also aspects like feeding, training, pruning, and propagating. Not to mention the mere fact of choosing the specific species to cultivate from thousands of available options. The good news is that working with flowers doesn’t drain your energy. On the contrary, it makes you more attentive to detail.

5. Planting a Flower is a Workout in Itself

There’s a common misconception that a successful workout must entail hitting the gym or using modern fitness equipment. Nothing can be further from the truth. Sometimes, all you need is a simple interaction with your flower garden. The effort involved in digging, pruning, or training flowers can increase your energy levels.

It also promotes hand strength and manual dexterity. And since your entire family is likely to get involved, you can take advantage of flower planting sessions to foster stronger bonds with your dear ones.

6. Flowers Can Boost Your Sleep

If you’re battling sleep deprivation, your first instinct may be to purchase over-the-counter (OCT) sleep medications. However, conventional sleep pills should be your last resort after implementing natural sleep-aiding remedies like flower therapy.

planting a flower

One experiment conducted on college students found that students who inhaled lavender essential oil slept better at night and woke up feeling refreshed than those who inhaled no flower at all. Lavender is just one of the many flowers that boast immense sleep-aiding properties; those abilities aren’t necessarily tied to inhaling flower extracts. The mere interaction with flowers can soothe your nerves and help you sleep much faster.

7. Flowers Can Cleanse the Air

Multiple studies by NASA over the years have shown that many plants contain air-purifying properties. Not only can flowers remove toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde and benzene from the air. They can also eliminate significant volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from their surroundings.

However, remember that the air-purification properties of flowers apply to live plants as opposed to potted ones. These benefits are also more pronounced for indoor plants than outdoor ones. Final Word There’s more than enough reason to plant a flower today. If not for aesthetic value, then certainly for their wellness benefits. Good luck kick-starting your floriculture career.


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