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Top 3 Tips on Making the Most of a Small Bathroom



Top 3 Tips on Making the Most of a Small Bathroom

Bathroom Design: One of the problems many real-world bathrooms face is how to make every square foot or linear inch count. Unfortunately, it is impossible with even a generously sized bathroom with tons of room to place the critical services such as the toilet and sink without any intersections or interference.

Customizing design usually works best to figure out things that go together while still having adequate space for the other services such as a shower, tub, etc. Suppose a toilet is too close to a sink or a bathtub. It will be a problem for both toilet and bathtub users. On the other hand, it will be inaccessible to people with disabilities.

The issue of improper spacing in the bathroom can also affect your property’s value.

To avoid these challenges, you must brush up on your understanding of the bathroom’s floor plan. Once you know a few must-haves, designing or revamping a small space will not be a trouble. So let’s dive into the first aspect first.

1. Standard bathroom planning requirements

You may not get a clear idea about the optimal use of the spacing between the toilet, bathtub, sink, and shower from local building codes. But if you focus on home improvement agencies, you can follow their recommendations that apply to many bathroom and kitchen designs or layouts.

The standard query about spacing can be the clearance. How much space should be there before a toilet? Some suggest 30 inches of the gap, and others recommend 21 inches in the front. For wheelchair users, it can be up to 48 inches minimum.

Another thing that commonly attracts attention in the context of spacing is the centerline. It is an imaginary line or axis created down the center of a fixture, passing over the drain hole in some cases. Spacing designations, such as centerline, help to standardize measurements.

The centerline should consider the width of standard-sized items, but you will want to adjust things if some of them happen to be a different size—the centerline matters when you set your toilet and fixtures side-to-side. The front-to-back setting doesn’t fall within this.

If you measure side clearance for toilets, you must consider the closest side obstruction first. The western toilet should have at least 15 inches gap from a nearby fixture, wall, or partition on the side. If possible, you can take it up to 18 inches for a better experience. However, you will want to be careful with limited space. Hence, you have to stick to 15 inches.

Next is the placement of the sink, which should be at least 15 to 20 inches away from the back wall. Again, you can measure the distance using the concept of an imaginary center line that would start from the center of the sink to the wall in this case.

Front obstructions should be at least 21 to 30 inches away. Designing with a stylish countertop sink can be slightly easy. Again, the distance from the front obstacles has to be 21 to 30 inches. You will measure this from the countertop’s edge to the obstruction’s edge.

2. Small bathroom design ideas

One of your design and decoration priorities has to be making your small bathroom feel larger. While the correct placement of fixtures is vital, you can add a few clever hacks to increase its appeal and appearance. For example, mirrors create an illusion of space and help keep your bathroom bright.

Both these effects mean a lot in a small area. So you can get a 5 feet long and 3 feet high, frameless mirror for your walls. As hinted, brightness is an essential factor. If you can ensure better natural light, nothing will be like this. For this, you need to include skylights and windows. Do you worry about privacy? Opt for frosted glass windows over the clear glass versions.

With this, you can work on space optimization by including a floating countertop instead of a vanity cabinet. Free flooring space will also give a sense of spaciousness. Some homeowners choose pedestal sinks. But it only kills the countertop space. If you don’t want to ruin your storage opportunity, go with the floating furniture ideas. It can easily accommodate the vessel sink or any other style while providing enough space for smaller daily-use items.

3. A few decoration considerations

You can feel tempted to buy small rugs and wall art to infuse warmth. But don’t overlook the risk of cluttering. And once you start adding more, everything will go haywire. The bathroom will look busy, due to which you may not get the desired amount of mental peace and relief that you naturally seek in this place.

However, you can also cut down on some decorative items and focus more on things that come with functional advantages. If you love a specific item to the extent where a thought of separation makes you anxious, you can move it to some other room. Essentially, you have to think through all the options.

If you want to reach for your towels in the bathroom effortlessly, a bamboo towel holder is just what you need! Having a definite place to hang the towels is essential in organizing your bathroom and keeping it clutter-free. Well, here are the best recommendations for the most functional and practical bath towel racks for your bathroom

Other things that can also impact the feel of your bathroom are paint, baseboard, and trimmings. Light colors suit smaller bathrooms more. Ditch wide baseboards for narrow designs because you know why. If there are crown mouldings, you can get rid of them to open up the design.

With this, another critical consideration would be whether to have only a shower or tub and shower both. You can look at your habit to decide between these arrangements. But enclosure will still be an integral component that you may not want to do away with in any scenario.

Choose a frameless option as they almost remain invisible. Make sure you check whether the door has an opening on the right or left side.

A cumulative approach to layout, design, and decoration will help you get the best choices for your small bathroom. Once transformed as per the specifications, you may not realize that it is the same space where you struggled with obstructions or felt challenged by the limited space.

Since achieving perfection with little resources and knowledge is difficult, you can consult your local contractors for help. Licensed agencies can come in handy in this.

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