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Three Simple Ways to Find out Your Ring Size at Home



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One of the most important things to keep in mind when you’re hunting down a ring is knowing what your ring size is going to be. Beautiful design, symbolism, and sheen of precious metals are great but there won’t much joy if your hand ornament doesn’t fit. You surely know your clothes and shoe size but how about the ring size? If you have doubts about it, this simple guide will show you what’s what.

A Few Words about Ring Size Charts

There are a few ring size charts – American, Japanese, English, Russian, and many others. Take a look at a few of them and you will understand that they have little in common. Some of them feature numbers that don’t seem to mean anything, another measure rings in centimeters, others have letters whatsoever. In this post, we want to focus on the American ring size chart as being the most commonly used one. The majority of online stores specify ring sizes according to it.

This chart is built upon a ring circumference in inches. However, if you know this number, it is only half a battle. You need to check which circumference corresponds to which size. For example, 2 ¼” equals to the size 8. There are plenty of ring size charts on the internet that will help you find the right US ring size if you know the circumference of your finger. “What to do if I don’t know it?” you may ask? Below, are a few ways to measure ring size.

Three Techniques to Measure Your Ring Size

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  1. Measure the size of a ring you have.

OK so you probably already have a ring and you want to buy a new one for the same finger. Your older ring will help you to find out which size you need. So, take it and put on a sheet of paper. With a thin pen or pencil, circle the ring inside. Make sure to be as precise as possible. Next, take a ruler and measure the circle’s diameter. Some ring size charts provide information about diameters and how they correspond to ring sizes. However, if they feature data only about circumferences, just multiply your diameter by 3.14. You’re done!

  1. Use a Thread

Next, is a method to measure your finger if you don’t have a ring. You will need a piece of thread of thin stripe of paper. Wrap it around your finger and mark the spots where both ends meet. Then measure the distance from one mark to another with a ruler. That would be your finger circumference and the rest you already know.

  1. Triple Thread

This method is similar to the previous one. However, it allows obtaining more precise results. So, take a piece of thread and wrap it 3 times around your finger. Make sure it is neither too loose nor too tight. Mark the place where the ends connect. Measure the segment and divide the number by 3. You can also use 5 wraps but don’t forget to divide the obtained number by 5.

The methods we described are more or less accurate. However, if you want to be 100% sure about your size, you will need professional assistance. Every physical jewelry store has ring size gauges. Just ask a salesperson to determine your size and they will gladly help you. You need to know that there are two types of gauges – for regular and wide rings. The latter always sit more snugly. Therefore, if you intend to buy a wide ring, you should either ask a salesperson to use a wider gauge or simply purchase a ring half the size bigger.

Handy Tips to Measure Your Finger Accurately

Three Simple Ways to Find out Your Ring Size at Home

Your fingers are not the same throughout the day. In the morning, when you just wake up, they tend to be slightly swollen. The same happens when it is hot, if you drink too much water, if you are sick, and after exercising. If it is cold outside, your fingers might shrink a little. You need to take all these factors into account when carrying out measures. Otherwise, your ring might be a bit too loose or tight. The ideal time to do it is afternoon or evening at mild temperature.

As we have already pointed out, the design (more precisely, the width) of your ring matters. If you have your eye on a pretty wide model, you need to size it up by at least a quarter inch. If you are looking for a ring of less than 5 mm in width, then no need to add anything to the size you obtained during measurement.

If you are not sure that a seller (especially, an only one) utilizes correct sizes for its rings, try to get a ring with a simple shank. If there is a minor divergence in sizes you will be able to get it adjusted. However, if you pick a product with engraving, embossing, encrusting or other decoration along the shank, it is impossible to make adjustments. In a pitch, make a purchase in a store that allows returning items that didn’t fit.


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