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Blasting Off: How to Rev Up the Speed of Your All-Terrain Electric Scooter



Blasting Off: How to Rev Up the Speed of Your All-Terrain Electric Scooter

When you think speed, a fast electric scooter is the last thing that should come to your mind. However, many advancements have occurred within the scooter industry, which has led to the development of certain blazing scooters.

Varla best electric scooter

Even though these scooters can reach much higher speeds, the ‘advertised speed’ does not utilize its maximum potential.

Let us discuss this in greater detail as we understand the speed an electric scooter can reach, highlighting some factors that greatly influence the top speed a battery scooter can reach.

How Fast Can an All-Terrain Electric Scooter Reach?

Although many factors, such as the size of the motor and overall build, are used to determine the exact top speed and capabilities of a scooter, an average all-terrain battery scooter can reach a top speed of anywhere between 15 mph and 28 mph.

However, this case has certain exceptions, such as premium scooters in a league of their own regarding speed.

For example, a powerful electric scooter like the Varla Eagle One Pro is an all-terrain scooter you should invest in if you are looking for a fat-tire electric scooter with speed.

With a top speed of more than 45mph, the Eagle One Pro proves that electric scooters are on their way to reaching mind-numbing speeds as well.

Many external factors need to be considered when considering the speeds at which a scooter might be able to reach. A dual motor scooter might be able to go at much higher speeds, but if it does not perform well when breaking, on the road, or in traffic, it will never reach the potential the developers kept in mind.

Factors Affecting Speed on Your All-Terrain Electric Scooter

1. Motor Power

The capabilities of an electric scooter in terms of power are one of the most important factors that affect the speed of a battery scooter. This means that the greater the power of the installed motor, the higher the riding speed of the scooter, and it is one of the essential features of a powerful electric scooter.

The power and the type of motor can significantly affect the speed of the electric scooter, like the Varla Eagle One Pro, which contains a dual hub motor setup that is efficient for supporting the scooter. Hence, it reaches high speeds with ease.

2. Battery Capacity

Electric scooters work based on a battery, being able to run at the highest speed on a full charge but suffering from decreased speed when the battery is low.

No matter how powerful of a motor a dual motor scooter might have, if it does not contain a powerful battery to maintain those speeds, you will likely run at slower speeds most of the time.

This is why it is advised to always go out on a full charge so that you can run at high speeds for as long as possible without having to suffer from running out of battery and having to travel at a fraction of the top speed of your best electric scooter.

3. Weight

Not just the scooter but the person riding the electric scooter can significantly affect its speed, mainly depending on the rider’s weight. The bike’s speed will not be affected much if the rider is small or heavy.

However, if the person riding the scooter is on the heavier side, it will put increased pressure on the scooter’s motor to accelerate to the top speed.

This is why when someone heavy is riding a scooter, they will notice that their scooter acceleration is much slower than normal.

Varla fast electric scooter

4. Type of Terrain

Most scooters are built with traveling on the road kept in mind. This means that they are not designed to travel on any other road surface, and doing so would result in them taking a major hit to their average speed.

This is why it is advised to invest in scooters for adults such as the Varla Eagle One Pro fast electric scooter. Even though the speed of this scooter may also reduce, it will not be by that much due to the tires, motor, and overall design of the all-terrain scooter.

How to Make an All-Terrain Electric Scooter

1. Switch to the Fastest Mode and Remove the Speed Limiter

One of the best ways to push your best electric scooter to its maximum potential is to turn off the speed limiter pre-installed within every scooter and switch it to the fastest mode available on your scooter.

Whether you have a dual motor scooter, a fat tire electric scooter, or any other electric scooter, one component always comes installed within them the speed limiter.

This limiter’s purpose is to ensure that your best electric scooter follows the speed laws within your country and that you are always riding within the threshold to travel legally.

However, you might belong to a country where the laws concerning speed limits are different, in which case you would want to remove that limiter for your scooter to get a noticeable speed boost.

2. Upgrade Your Scooters Speed Controllers

Albeit a more complex alteration that some people might find difficult to do, it is incredibly effective for increasing the speed of your best electric scooter.

Also known as an electronic speed controller, the main function of this component is to manage power output and control how the power is distributed throughout your scooter motors.

Installing higher-quality speed controllers can make a fast electric scooter even faster by causing ‘bursts’ that describe a higher output the controller provides to the throttle, improving acceleration.

3. Increasing Battery Capacity

If you own an electric scooter and feel like it has been a while since you got its battery changed, it might have worn out.

In this case, changing the battery for your powerful electric scooter will result in it being able to utilize the full power behind your scooter again, leading to an increase in speed.

4. Adjust the Brakes Properly

Adjusting your breaks can speed your best electric scooter up as well. There might be a possibility that your brake pads are a bit too close, coming into contact with the tires.

This can lead to added friction that can slow your scooter down, which is why it is advisable to adjust them to ensure that the brakes are not touching the tires in any way.

5. Switch to Racing Tires

What makes these tires special when achieving greater speeds on scooters for adults are how they are designed. How race tires work is that they are designed to contain narrow treads, and their surface area is much thinner.

6. Reducing Weight

You should consider losing weight if you are still looking to get more speed out of your fat tire electric scooters even after implementing the abovementioned methods. This is because the lower the rider’s weight, the less pressure is exerted on the motor, resulting in your scooter accelerating faster.

Safety Considerations

1. Importance of Safety Gear When Riding at High Speeds

When implementing methods to increase the speed of your best electric scooter, such as removing the speed limiter, always make sure that you wear durable safety gear.

This is because the roads are very unpredictable, and even if you are an expert, there is always a possibility for mistakes from your end occurring or something not in your control happening.

Varla motorized scooter for adults

Tips on Staying Safe While Riding an All-Terrain Electric Scooter at Faster Speeds

Ø Always keep your eyes on the road when riding

Ø Keep both hands on the handlebars

Ø Avoid riding in areas with a lot of foot traffic


It is essential to understand that the speed written in the instruction manual for a scooter is not necessarily true, and there are many ways you can turn your fast electric scooter even faster.

However, even these methods have limits, so investing in premium electric scooters such as the Varla Eagle One Pro, built to last on rough terrains and capable of going at incredibly high speeds, is important. So, what are you waiting for? Visit us now!

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