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7 Reasons Why a Slam Ball is Beneficial During Workouts

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7 Reasons Why a Slam Ball is Beneficial During Workouts

You may execute various exercises with a slam ball, often called a medicine ball. Using slam balls to aid in rehabilitation dates back centuries; it was a prevalent practice in Ancient Greece some three thousand years ago.

The wide range of slam ball weights available, from 5 kg to 15 kg and beyond, provides a wide range of options for people looking to get in shape. A medicine ball is common in fitness centers, but why should you care? Here, we’ll review the benefits of using slam balls in your exercises.

1. Boosts Your Overall Strength and Power

7 Reasons Why a Slam Ball is Beneficial During Workouts

If you want to get stronger, there’s no better tool than a slam ball. You need the right kind of slam ball that fits your needs because they come in different sizes, weights, and materials, thus affecting performance. With the right slam ball and balanced workouts, you will boost your body strength. Strength is crucial for fully using your body’s range of motion, allowing you to complete tasks with much less effort and risk injury.

Strength and speed in a single, explosive motion can be developed with push workouts. Those who play various sports, from baseball and tennis to golf, will find this a very useful feature. You can conduct various push exercises with a slam ball of 10kg.

The ‘ball throw downs’ are a fantastic push workout that can be done with a medicine ball. That is where you use your considerable jumping ability to launch the ball into the air and hurl it to the ground with great force. This excellent full-body workout will increase strength in the arms, shoulders, legs, glutes, and core, and extra fat will be burned off.

2. Boosts Balance and Posture

7 Reasons Why a Slam Ball is Beneficial During Workouts

A good posture is essential for daily tasks. Muscles are overworked, and the spine is harmed if you don’t have it. Maintaining an upright posture has numerous positive effects on one’s well-being. By including a variety of movements that target balance, posture, and overall flexibility, slam ball exercises are excellent for strengthening the core muscles.

From novices to seasoned athletes, people of all skill levels can use a medicine ball to improve their balance and posture. To target these deep abdominal muscles and enhance one’s posture and balance simultaneously, many experts employ medicine ball workouts that cause them to feel temporarily off balance.

3. Effective In Cardio Fitness

7 Reasons Why a Slam Ball is Beneficial During Workouts

Many individuals automatically think of cardio machines like treadmills and bikes when they wish to get in better shape. However, the slam ball is typically overlooked when it comes to cardiovascular exercise. That is supported by research showing that slam ball exercises are just as taxing as more traditional aerobic activities like jogging and swimming.

Using slam balls, such as the 5,10, or 15kg, in mixed cardio routines focusing on strength and stamina can further increase its efficacy as a cardio training tool. The ball toss to burpee is a wonderful cardio exercise that uses the slam ball. Your cardiovascular health will greatly benefit from this. Throwing the ball upwards, catching it, and then releasing it before completing a burpee and repeating the exercise is a great way to develop cardiovascular strength and get the blood pumping.

4. Have Injury Recovery Benefits

One of the underappreciated benefits of slam balls is their positive effect on various rehabilitation exercises. They promote healing, boost stamina, and enhance the body’s reaction. They are especially useful for people with back, knee, or shoulder ailments.

To avoid aggravating a healing injury, switching to smaller, lighter balls than those used for building muscle or increasing stamina is best. That is to prevent further damage to the injured area. It would help to gradually increase your weight over time to avoid injuring your muscles and joints. That will allow you to fully recover and return to using the weight you were using before the injury.

Core exercises should be a primary focus during injury rehabilitation. A strong core houses the primary muscles for functional mobility and injury prevention. Because of its simplicity, the Russian Twist is frequently employed as a rehabilitation exercise following injury. It’s as easy as sitting up straight, rotating your torso to the appropriate side, and passing the slam ball from your left hand to your right. This is fantastic because it helps strengthen your core without causing undue stress on your joints.

5. Increase the Range of Motions

7 Reasons Why a Slam Ball is Beneficial During Workouts

While using free weights or a machine, you often only move in a few fixed planes of motion, such as up and down, forward and back, or side to side. More muscles and joints benefit from using a slam ball during exercise. Get more dynamic and fluid in your motions. To become physically fit, increasing one’s range of motion is essential.

Your improved coordination and balance will allow you to move with greater agility and speed. Both professional and amateur athletes can benefit greatly from this because of the frequent need to switch between different planes of motion inherent in most sports.

6. Are Crucial for Dynamic Warm-Ups

First, you need to get your muscles ready to work before exercising. Doing exercises on cold muscles is quite risky. Injuries as little as cramping and as severe as tears are possible results of this. Nothing beats a game of slam ball when you need to get your blood pumping and your muscles warmed up.

For instance, slamming a ball before your regular workout can prime your muscles for action, increase your heart rate and blood flow, and link your brain to your muscles. Because of this, you’ll be able to do better on your bench presses and deadlifts when you get around to doing them.

7. Useful for Conditioning Your Body

You might have heard of body conditioning, but its meaning may be lost. To build on your fitness level and muscle tone, you must condition your body to respond favorably to frequent exercise. As we touched on briefly, control and power are crucial, and slam balls are great tools for developing your muscular control and generating more speed and impact.

That is especially true while practicing slamming and flinging techniques with a slam ball. Slamming the ball over and over again can put a strain on your heart and lungs. You may immediately improve your physical condition by doing a few sets of slam balls, and the activity itself is a lot of fun.

Final Thought

An excellent addition to any strength training routine, the slam ball exercise is best suited for those with intermediate to advanced fitness levels. Doing out with slam balls for a few sets will help you become a calorie-burning machine by increasing your heart rate and improving your cardiovascular fitness. Most of your body’s muscular groups can also benefit from this. To put more strain on your muscles, try out some variants on the standard slam ball squat or work up to using a heavier ball.



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