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What are Some Myths about Bodybuilding and CrossFit?

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Crossfit and bodybuilding are splashed with many myths and stereotypes. These both sports are extremely popular right now and many newbies cannot decide what sports to pick. In this article, we are going to go through all the stereotypes of each and then tell how it is in reality. It is going to be an interesting read as often such stereotypes are very hard to erase.

Let us start with the most popular myths about bodybuilding. All bodybuilders who grow muscular mass, inject their body with poisonous “steroids” and then do nothing as the chemicals cause the muscles to automatically develop.

Or another one, if you want to get into bodybuilding, you’ll need to hire an expensive personal trainer or spend thousands of dollars on expensive sports supplements and medicines that you can find on blog about SARMs.

Next one, if you will grow big muscles, you will be a clumsy runner, or you won’t have the endurance since your muscles have been artificially inflated. Anyone can knock you out in a single blow because “a large cabinet falls loudly” or whatever idiom someone might know. Due to all the steroids, the bodybuilder will look twenty years older than he actually is, having a high chance of getting a stroke, a heart attack, and numerous other such diseases.

All bodybuilders aren’t much concerned with anything other than chicken breasts and anabolic steroids. Bodybuilding is reserved for maniacs or dumb people exclusively. These are the most popular myths and cliches about bodybuilding that the majority of people believe in and all of them are not true in reality.

Bodybuilding is a demanding sport. It necessitates a responsible and knowledgeable attitude and a robust adherence to the training regime. The average person that works out three times a week will not be able to develop muscle mountains. Natural bodybuilding will not give you Olympics body, even after 20 years of training and dedication.

All professional bodybuilders use steroids, but still they train extremely hard, more than ninety-nine percent of all people. Yes, in the first month, your biceps might increase by 1-2 cm in volume. The same may be said for the next couple of months. After that, the sizes and muscle strength will continue to grow, but at a much lower rate.

Basically, natural bodybuilding is same as every other sport. It is impossible to get Schwarzenegger’s hands naturally at all.

After some time, your progress will be significantly slowed. You must be dedicated to your training while also being patient. With practice, you will be able to bench press big sized weights and develop biceps that are bigger than in ninety-nine percent of people in a couple of years of rigorous training.

This might sound extremely good, but you will never achieve the size that Olympic athletes have. There are many factors that consist in the claim above, like taking expensive custom made steroids, eating enough food for muscle growth, and being able to spend basically a whole day in the gym.

Myths about CrossFit. Most popular myths about CrossFit are parroted by their followers that might look like a small cult from time to time. One of those is that it is the best activity for your health and well-being that any other sport ever. In a matter of months, you will gain strength, muscle, and resilience, incomparable to any other sport.

In addition, because these CrossFit techniques and excersises encourage brain function, you will automatically get much smarter and so on. With this sport, you do not have a need to adhere to a rigorous diet. You may eat anything you want and workout in any setting.

Some realness about CrossFit. Compared to bodybuilding, this sport has mostly endurance excersises. You won’t ever get the same big muscles in this sport as in bodybuilding.

Most interestingly, if a bodybuilder will start doing CrossFit, he will lose much muscles. This sport has no difference than other sports, in fact it is completely newly made. It got its popularity as it combines all the “fun” and “exciting” excersises from all the sports that one could find. It is a great sport for cardio and endurance training, but it definitely won’t help you to build the same muscles that you can with bodybuilding.


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