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Top 3 Myths Related to Insomnia Debunked




You must know that insomnia is a sleep disorder that is quite common among teens and senior adults. Research has revealed that many people have chronic insomnia in today’s world. What does insomnia mean? Insomnia is the integrity of a person to fall asleep. Since you don’t sleep properly, it will affect your day-to-day activities leading to irritability and sleepiness.

Over time insomnia can lead to avoiding your health conditions which will make it even more difficult for you to sleep. So, lack of sleep is a vicious cycle. There are a variety of myths related to insomnia, but learning about these facts can assist you in understanding the sleep cycles, and practice better sleep hygiene. It can also benefit you in understanding the sleep conditions. You must find out how to treat insomnia.

You can make up for your loss of sleep

You cannot make up for your lost sleep by sleeping on weekends. If you continuously sleep less every night, you cannot accumulate that sleep debt. You can sleep better or longer on weekends, but it worsens insomnia. If you’re oversleeping on certain days, it can disrupt your normal sleeping cycle, which will make it harder for you to get regular rest whenever you require it.


You are disturbing the entire sleeping cycle of your body, which creates several issues. As such, you should not keep on sleeping during the week or oversleeping on weekends, but you should stick to your sleep schedule. Go to bed each night at the same time and wake up at the same time in the morning, even during the weekend, for better health.

You cannot cure insomnia

There are a variety of ways that can help you manage insomnia. People with chronic insomnia can talk to a sleep specialist about improving sleep patterns through cognitive behavioral therapy or even medication in extreme cases.

Change your lifestyle and improve your sleep environment. Maintaining a regular sleeping schedule is very important. Do not indulge in stimulants such as nicotine or caffeine. Cut down on alcohol, especially before bedtime. Do not use electronic devices in your bedroom. Make your bedroom cool and dark for a night of better sleep.

Good sleep depends on the number of hours

Sleeping is more about quality than quantity. Do you know age-appropriate sleeping patterns? It would help if you found out how much sleep is required for you daily to stick to it. There are a variety of factors that can affect the quality of sleep, such as sleep apnea.

How a CBD-infused Drink Can Help You Get a Good Night's Sleep

Good sleep hygiene and attention to your health can give you better quality sleep if you have chronic sleep apnea conditions. It would help if you talked to wellness advisors at to find a way to sleep better.

Many people say all medicines for insomnia work the same. However, it is not valid, and hence you should talk to your doctor to see which class of medicine is appropriate to your health condition. Do not feel anxious about your sleeping habits, rather work on getting better sleep.

Indulge in a relaxing activity before bed for a better sleep!

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