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The Science Behind Supplements and How they Help Bulk Up Your Body



The Science Behind Supplements and How They Help Bulk Up Your Body

Back in ancient Greek and Egyptian societies, weightlifting became a sport to measure strength and power. Weightlifting did not become an international sport until the 19th century. Europeans had circuses and theatre acts that held performances with strong men who would bulk up lifting weights and eating supplements to the amazement of paying crowds.

It wasn’t until the 1950s while the competitive bodybuilding craze was gaining more of a following and weightlifters were looking for shortcuts to get their nutrients that an egg-based protein powder was introduced.

From there, a lot of research has gone into the science of the body and muscle growth by various companies. The term that has been coined when it comes to good bodybuilding supplements is ‘smart gainers’. This means supplements that increase lean muscle gains, not just bulk you up to get you bigger. But before trying these supplements out, it’s important how they exactly bulk your body up. Shown below is the science on how that happens.

protein found in milk


First, the proteins. Whey protein is a complete protein found in milk and actually was a byproduct of cheese making. At some point, thousands of years ago, somebody tried drinking it and realized its health potential. Whey protein is chock full of all of the essential amino acids that skeletal muscle protein synthesis stimulation needs. It also is very easily digested. Faster than any other protein source.

There is another type of protein very popular and comes from the same source: milk. That protein is casein. The difference between the two? Casein is closer to a solid so it digests and slower and is absorbed by the body slower. It still has all the same amino acids that whey does, though.

What this means is you should take your whey protein supplement after a workout and the casein protein before bed so you continuously have these amino acids doing their thing in your body and muscles.


The next piece of this muscle-building puzzle is carbohydrates. Carbs, in short, is the fuel or energy your body needs to get through your strenuous workouts. You need both, proteins and carbs, and in the best ratio possible when it comes to your supplements and/or diet to get the best results. This is called the CHO: PRO Ratio. This ratio keeps the glycogen levels in your muscles superior. The professionals behind say that the best CHO: PRO ratio is a 2:1 ratio, although obviously everybody’s body is a bit different. Going 3:1 or even 4:1 if you are into some endurance training for a marathon or tournament.

When it comes to carbs, there are a few of them. Maltodextrin, glucose, fructose, and sucrose are the most popular. You should get a bit of all of them as opposed to just one, so using a mixed carbohydrate product is key to get all the best ones and your body metabolizes them to their best potential.

Amino Acids

Amino Acids

Amino Acids were mentioned once already in this article when it comes to proteins, but it bears some more attention. There are many of them, but there are 9 specific amino acids that are worth mentioning by name and you should be utilizing when it comes to bulking up.

Unfortunately, the body does not produce any of these natively. They have to be consumed. The best dietary sources of amino acids are meat, eggs, dairy, buckwheat, quinoa, soy and tofu. Of course, there are many amino acid supplements on the market, as well.

These are the amino acids most beneficial for muscle gain:

  • Leucine
  • Isoleucine
  • Methionine
  • Lysine
  • Threonine
  • Phenylalanine
  • Tryptophan
  • Valine
  • Histidine

Of all the above-listed amino acids, the first, leucine is most important as it has shown to get the whole muscle-building process started in the body. But each one of these acids has its own mission, as it were, to building muscle.

When in the market for a good smart gainer supplement, special attention should be brought to the contents package to make sure that leucine is present in the product. Some companies have been known to not include leucine to save money and keep the product’s price down. In other words, you will get what you pay for.

You will also want to look for the acronym BCAA. It stands for the 3 Branched-chain amino acids which are leucine, valine, and isoleucine.

How They All Come Together

So get your body to bring all this together the most efficiently, you add digestive enzymes to the mix. Sure, the whey protein absorbs quickly, but what if you add some more help? The help which could get your body to get even more out of what you pay for. Help to get your supplements even more bioavailable to your body.

If you didn’t know, bioavailability means making more of the product you are taking available to your body. It’s like being in a car instead of walking. If you are not taking digestive enzymes with your supplements, they get to the muscles whenever your body can get them there. But with the digestive enzyme car, the supplements are brought to your muscles much more quickly and efficiently.

With all this knowledge at hand, you may be a bit overwhelmed with the science when you get to the store or the website and look around at all the different choices and brands. Since every product is produced a bit differently, you will be lucky if you find the one that works best for you the first time.

Or maybe it’s the case, like muscle confusion, that you should alternate between a few different supplements to get the best results. The most important thing is that you are not alone in your journey and there are people and companies out there to help.

In this regard, it’s important to thoroughly inspect and research the supplements you’re going to try out. By doing this practice, you can be sure that the supplements you’re taking are safe for your body. In the end, you would achieve a bulkier you, one of the best choices will be Thorne Research supplements, which have very high quality.

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