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Thailand Looks to Amend Surrogacy Law to Allow Foreign Couples

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Thailand Looks to Amend Surrogacy Law to Allow Foreign Couples

Thailand’s Department of Health Service Support reports that authorities are preparing to amend the surrogacy law to allow overseas couples to have surrogate babies in Thailand.

Surrogacy service customers must be Thai under existing law, which is formally known as the Protection for Children Born through Assisted Reproductive Technologies Act, according to Arkhom Praditsuwan, the department’s deputy director general.

The proposal will enable international couples to obtain surrogacy services in the country. They could bring in potential surrogate mothers or select Thai women for the position. A department committee is presently writing the necessary regulations.

“If the bill passes, it will be the first of its kind in the world,” Mr. Arkhom remarked. “Foreigners are paying close attention to this topic. When this is liberalized, the health economy should be quite active.”

He added that the bill would include precise methods for preventing human trafficking. Thai authorities have long struggled with illegal surrogacy arrangements formed by foreigners. Investigators are also looking into the smuggling of frozen sperm, eggs, and embryos into and out of the nation.

Following many high-profile scandals that resulted in a crackdown on an uncontrolled “wombs for hire” industry, the current Act went into effect in 2015, with strict surrogacy restrictions and a ban on its use by foreign couples.

According to Dr. Sura Wisedsak, the department’s director-general, the law has since assisted numerous couples with fertility issues.

Fertility treatment is presently available at 115 sites worldwide, including 67 clinics, 31 private hospitals, and 17 public hospitals. Last year, the number of newborn newborns fell below 500,000, and he expects it to fall much further this year.

Every year, approximately 800,000 people die in Thailand, causing the country’s population to decline. Citizens over the age of 60 already account for 20% of the overall population, with the proportion expected to reach one-third by 2030.

Dr. Sura stated that the country’s fertility treatment success rate is increasing, and the technique employed is internationally recognized.

This year, he added, the department will also advocate for modifications to the laws that would allow women’s biological relatives aged 20-40 to give eggs and women over 55 to arrange for surrogacy mothers for their children.

Surrogacy in Thailand

In Thailand, surrogacy has seen considerable changes in recent years. Commercial surrogacy for overseas intended parents was legally forbidden in 2015, prompting many to explore alternative options. Despite the prohibition, surrogacy continues to exist in Thailand, but with limits and no explicit legal protections for surrogates.

The Thai government is already taking serious steps to legalize surrogacy for international couples. Recent plans aim to develop a legal framework that would allow foreign couples to engage in surrogacy under restricted settings, with oversight from a government committee.

This prospective shift could have a significant impact on persons looking for surrogacy arrangements in Thailand.

Despite the restriction of commercial surrogacy, Thai couples can still use surrogacy under certain conditions. Thai couples wishing to explore surrogacy must follow tight criteria and legal procedures.

The process includes a comprehensive screening of both the intended parents and the surrogate, ensuring that all parties are fully aware and willing to participate.

Furthermore, there are restrictions on who can participate in surrogacy in Thailand, with specific requirements that couples must follow to be eligible for the process.

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