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Overweight May Have Advantages For This Specific Group.



Overweight May Have Advantages For This Specific Group.

(CTN News) – British medical experts are calling on adults aged 65 Overweight and above to reconsider their concerns about carrying a few extra pounds, according to the latest guidance report from the British Dietetic Association.

This report, supported by a comprehensive review conducted by the University of Plymouth, challenges the traditional belief in an ideal Body Mass Index (BMI) for seniors.

While the conventional wisdom suggests that a “healthy” BMI falls between 18.5 and 25, the report suggests a wider range of 25 to 29.9, classifying individuals as overweight.

This recommendation is based on the surprising findings of a 2021 analysis by Plymouth researchers, which revealed that having an overweight BMI does not necessarily lead to adverse mortality outcomes in older adults.

It seems to be associated with the lowest mortality rates across all age groups, particularly among the elderly.

Alison Smith from the British Dietetic Association emphasized a key insight into why older individuals may benefit from carrying a bit more Overweight.

During times of illness, when appetite decreases, the body’s reliance on storing energy as fat becomes essential.

Smith’s research highlights the potential negative consequences of promoting weight loss in older adults. The report specifically addresses concerns regarding muscle decline and increased vulnerability to illnesses, challenging the prevailing belief in setting BMI targets for seniors.

Professor Mary Hickson, a co-author of the extensive 2021 review, advocates for a shift in focus towards a holistic approach centered around fitness rather than solely relying on BMI numbers.

She emphasizes the importance of Overweight maintaining physical activity levels and avoiding fixation on arbitrary BMI targets, suggesting a broader perspective on the well-being of older individuals that extends beyond traditional weight norms.

This groundbreaking report prompts a reassessment of the connection between Overweight, health, and aging, encouraging a more nuanced and personalized approach to promoting wellness in seniors.


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