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Marijuana May Cause More Lung Damage Than Cigarettes



Marijuana May Cause More Lung Damage Than Cigarettes

(CTN News) – Marijuana smoking is just as toxic to the body as smoking cigarettes and may even be more harmful than smoking cigarettes.

It has been found that smokers have a higher incidence of emphysema and inflammation of the airways than smokers who smoke cigarettes.

In the United States, marijuana is one of the most commonly used illegal drugs on a federal level. 39 states have legalized medical in some form or another.

Since marijuana is considered an illegal drug by the federal government, less research has been done on than has been on tobacco as a whole.

In which state was marijuana legalized for recreational use?

There is a reason why pot smokers may have greater damage to their bodies than cigarette smokers because cigarettes are usually filtered, while smoke is not generally filtered. There is also evidence that smokers tend to inhale for longer periods of time than those who smoke tobacco.

This study does have a few limitations, such as the fact that only 56 patients were included in the study. Since marijuana has a mixed legal status, not all people are willing to admit that they smoke marijuana. In addition, a large number of people smoke both and tobacco at the same time.

Due to that, it becomes more challenging for researchers to identify the specific causes of lung damage, which makes the process more difficult.

The use of is not the only factor associated with health problems related to lung issues. According to the results of another study, marijuana smoke has been linked to an increased risk of heart problems in rats; however, the findings will need to be confirmed in humans before researchers can draw any firm conclusions about their effects.

Until now, studies have only focused on the effects of smoke, not on the health effects associated with ingesting marijuana in other forms, such as edibles, or other forms of consumption.


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