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Covid Cases In India Hit 3,016 For The First Time In Nearly 6 Months

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Covid Cases In India Hit 3,016 For The First Time In Nearly 6 Months

(CTN News) – There have been 3,016 new Covid cases reported in the last 24 hours in India, which is a 40 per cent increase over yesterday.

According to the data provided by the Union health ministry, the daily positivity rate has been recorded at 2.7%, and the weekly positivity rate at 1.71 percent, according to the data released by this ministry.

In nearly six months, the infection count on Thursday was the highest it has been in nearly six months. As of October 2 last year, 3,375 cases had been reported in India.

With the number of deaths reported across the country from COVID-19 increasing to 5,30,862 – three reported from Maharashtra, two reported from Delhi, one reported from Himachal Pradesh in a span of 24 hours and eight reported by Kerala – the country’s COVID-19 death count has increased.

On a national level, according to the health ministry website, the number of COVID-19 recovery cases has reached 98.78 percent, whereas the number of active cases has now reached 0.03 percent of the total infections.

There were a total of 4,41,68,321 people who had recovered from the disease, while the overall case fatality rate was 1.19 per cent, representing a tremendous increase in the number of people who had recovered.

The alarming rise in Covid cases over the last few weeks has prompted several states to hold emergency meetings this week as a result. After the infection count had dropped to zero on January 16, Delhi, which was the first city to record 300 cases, recorded 300 cases in the last 24 hours.

The Delhi government has issued a warning to citizens today, asking them not to panic.

It has been announced that the Aam Aadmi Party government has called on those with flu-like symptoms to wear masks when visiting hospitals following a meeting to assess the situation.

A number of districts in Maharashtra, including Mumbai, Pune, Thane, and Sangli, have also reported sharp rises in the number of cases of Covid.

The Maharashtra government has stated that despite all its efforts, many people are not taking the Covid vaccine booster dose despite the government’s best efforts. According to state officials, not even one crore Indians have taken the booster shot in the state as of yet.


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