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Man Hospitalized For Sneeze-Induced Throat Damage.



Man Hospitalized For Sneeze-Induced Throat Damage.

(CTN News) – A male individual was admitted to the hospital after tearing a perforation in his throat while attempting to suppress a sneeze.

The patient was transported to Ninewells Hospital in Dundee, experiencing intense neck discomfort after he squeezed his nose and closed his mouth in an effort to stifle the sneeze.

In his thirties, the man underwent medical treatment and underwent scans at the hospital, which revealed a 2mm tear in his windpipe. The man, whose identity remains undisclosed, had a medical history of allergies and throat irritation.

During the initial examination, it was observed that the man had limited mobility in his neck, and doctors detected a cracking sound upon touching his neck. After Sneeze consulting with cardiothoracic surgeons, it was determined that surgical intervention was unnecessary as the patient was in good overall health.

The patient was released from the hospital after sneezing monitored for 48 hours and given painkillers and hayfever medication.

Additionally, he was instructed to refrain from engaging in strenuous physical activities for a duration of two weeks.

A follow-up CT scan of the neck and chest was conducted five weeks later, which revealed that the tear had successfully healed.

According to the report, a spontaneous tracheal perforation, also known as a sudden throat tear, is a rare occurrence but can pose a potential threat to one’s life.

Dr. Rasads Misirovs, the lead author of the report, stated that the tear was caused by a rapid increase in pressure within the trachea while sneezing with a pinched nose and closed mouth.

Dr. Misirovs strongly advised against stifling sneezes by pinching the nose and keeping the mouth closed, as it can lead to tracheal perforation.


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