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Malaria Nets To Be Distributed By The Ministry Of Health



Malaria Nets To Be Distributed By The Ministry Of Health

(CTN News) – To accelerate the effort to eradicate Malaria disease from the country, the Ministry of Health will conduct another round of distribution of mosquito nets this year. This is part of an accelerated effort to eradicate the disease.

As part of this campaign, which is expected to last until 2024, there will be a distribution of at least 18.3 million Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets (LLINs) in 28 selected counties with high malaria prevalence rates.

On Wednesday, Health Permanent Secretary Dr Josephine Mburu said the exercise was aimed at ensuring that there is one net for every two household members in malaria-risk areas.

As a result, she pointed out, the burden of in the country will ultimately be reduced, contributing to the reduction of this disease.

In the Ministry of Health, Mburu is responsible for the PS State Department of public health and professional standards.

Further, the ministry intends to utilize innovative tools to help manage larval source habitats in the endemic zones of lakes via a variety of innovative means, such as drones.

A spokesperson for the ministry noted that the ministry will also continue to provide prompt malaria diagnosis and treatment through microscopy, as well as the use of quality-assured rapid diagnostic test kits and medicines to all public and faith-based health facilities.

Adding further to the ministry’s commitment to bring malaria services closer to the people, she also stressed that they would enhance Primary Health Care by making malaria treatment available up to the level of communities so that no one is forgotten about.

Dr Andrew Mulwa, the Director of Preventive and Promotive Health at the Ministry of Health, read out the speech on her behalf in a media breakfast meeting that took place ahead of the commemoration of World Malaria Day.

This year, the day will be celebrated next week on April 25 in Nyamira County, and it provides the country with the opportunity to reflect on its achievements and challenges in the past and chart the way forward for the future.

In this year’s World Day, the theme is “Time to Deliver Zero: Invest, Innovate, Implement,” and it offers a powerful message about the urgent need for action and further investments to finally achieve our goal of eliminating malaria disease and death by 2020.

What happens if you get malaria?

Malaria can damage the kidneys or liver or cause the spleen to rupture. Any of these conditions can be life-threatening. Anemia. Malaria may result in not having enough red blood cells for an adequate supply of oxygen to your body’s tissues (anemia).


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