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In Odisha, Dengue Spreads As Mosquitoes Thrive In The Capital City



In Odisha, Dengue Spreads As Mosquitoes Thrive In The Capital City

(CTN News) – In addition to dengue spreading rapidly in Bhubaneswar, Cuttack and Berhampur Municipal Corporations are also struggling to keep mosquito populations under control.

There is an epidemic of dengue mosquitoes breeding in empty flower vases, abandoned tyres, and broken pots lying in the open, accumulating rain water for days.

From the parking area at the Housing Board office at Unit-3 to IRC Village and Pokhariput, mosquitoes have chosen Bhubaneswar as their breeding grounds.

It is also possible to view the results of the study. The number of dengue positive patients in Bhubaneswar has reached 148, according to reports.

No action is being taken by the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC). The health officials are distributing leaflets and educating the public about dengue and how to prevent infection. However, all the efforts seem to be in vain as dengue cases continue to rise in the smart city.

It is important to keep the hard surface areas clean. This is why we have instituted dry days every Thursday and Saturday in order to keep our surroundings free of unnecessary accumulations of water.

The BMC Commissioner, Vijay Amruta Kulange, has requested all residents to check their surroundings and remove unnecessary accumulations of water near their homes.

This is also true of the Cuttack Municipal Corporation (CMC). Dengue has also begun to spread its tentacles throughout the millennium city with the advent of monsoon. According to reports, the CMC has developed a master plan to control dengue in hotspots.

There has also been a launch of an awareness campaign. Additionally, a dedicated dengue ward with 80 beds has been established at the SCB hospital.

“We are conducting an awareness campaign regarding in Cuttack. I am pleased that the residents of Cuttack are participating in the campaign on their own. My ward is a hotspot for dengue transmission. In conjunction with mutual cooperation, we will be able to eradicate this menace,” said Gagan Ojha, Corporator of Ward 26.

Satyabrata Mohapatra, CMC Health Officer, stated, “Though there are no active cases in Cuttack, beds have been prepared in SCB and City hospitals to handle any cases that may arise in the future.”

There is no improvement in the dengue situation in Berhampur either. Rainwater accumulated in small water bodies has created breeding grounds for Aedes mosquitoes in the silk city.

“In order to prevent mosquitoes from breeding in our area, we wish to ensure that drains are clean. However, the Corporation appears not to be taking our concerns seriously.

According to Basanta Kumar Behera, a resident of Berhampur, the government has only conducted campaigns and has never cleaned the area.


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