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How Natural Advanced Pharma is Helping Mental Disorders Like ADHD

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How Natural Advanced Pharma is Helping Mental Disorders Like ADHD

Mental and mood disorders like ADHD are now occurring in more individuals and our children worldwide. Simply Natural Advanced Pharma is focusing on a natural alleviation of these mood disorders that does not include prescription drugs.

Using all-natural compounds, there is less risk of side effects, and no prescriptions needed. The use of anti-depressants has skyrocketed over the past 30 years or more, but there are risks with these drugs that most individuals are not aware of.

The same goes for benzodiazepines like Valium and other anti-anxiety medications. Addictions plus other side effects are a serious concern with the prescription medications. This global company is taking on these ailments without the side effects that plague many with prescription medications.

ADHD and other mood disorders

They are generally undertreated or not treated appropriately with the proper anti-depressants or benzodiazepines. Dozens of anti-depressants exist on the market and finding one that works is extremely difficult for physicians. Most cases involve the chemical serotonin within the brain. Neuroreceptors can be deficient in the uptake of serotonin and lead to either chronic or severe depression and anxiety.

Many individuals suffer needlessly for years, not knowing why they cannot sleep, eat, or function properly. Depression and anxiety can rob individuals of happiness. However, even if individuals are taking antidepressants or anti-anxiety medications, there are serious side effects to these drugs, and symptoms might still be apparent even while taking them. In addition, there is a lot of trial and error involved in prescription drugs for anxiety and depression, with doctors using a “hit or miss” approach many times, especially with anti-depressants

ADHD is also a serious problem

Behavioral problems and social problems in adults and children are often mislabeled but are in fact ADHD. ADHD is a problem with the neurotransmission of chemicals in the brain but is often labeled as a behavioral or other type of problem.

Simply Natural Advanced Pharma, with its natural compounds can address anxiety, depression, and ADHD with great efficacy and without the unwanted side effects of prescription medications for these diseases. As of 2020, anti-depressants were being prescribed at an alarming rate, and with little efficacy for patients.

The opposite is true of adhd children, where the diagnosis goes unrecognized and treated incorrectly when it is by sometime dangerous pharmaceutical drugs. Natural compounds that are much more effective can be totally overlooked and individuals and children continue to suffer needlessly as a result.

Anti-depressants can make a depression more serious

Instead of curing a depression, the wrong anti-depressant can make an individual more depressed leading to suicide or in some very extreme cases dangerous behaviors. These can produce feelings of anger or uselessness, or even a “zombie-like” state.

Suffering can go on for years while physicians try one anti-depressant after another while the patients see no improvement or even a worsening of symptoms. ADHD is another type of disease which like depression and anxiety can become worse with the use of certain pharmaceutical drugs, and patients can react violently to the chemical mix they are ingesting, especially if they are children.

A good example of the dangers of anti-depressants is Prozak, which was touted as a miracle drug twenty years ago but led to an increase in suicidal thoughts and homicidal ideation. The drug Ritalin, used for ADHD in children, could lead to sleeplessness and overexcitability although it was meant to calm and focus them and many pediatricians even now, will not prescribe this drug.

Anti-anxiety medications led unfortunately to an increase in dependency and withdrawal when stopped. Simply Natural Advanced Pharma has tackled these problems. Approaching alleviation of depression, ADHD and other mood and mental disorders with natural compounds can achieve astounding effects without the unwanted side effects.

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