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Dubai Cord Blood Banking: Top 5 Key Benefits Ranked

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Dubai Cord Blood Banking

The technique of removing stem cells from the umbilical cord and placenta is known as cord blood banking has become popular in recent years in Dubai and other areas of the Middle East.

Immature cells, called stem cells, can change into various types of cells. Over 80 illnesses, ranging from genetic abnormalities to leukemia and lymphoma, have been treated using these stem cells.

The procedure of collecting and storing a mother’s umbilical cord blood for later use is known as cord blood banking.

The Parent’s Guide to Cord Blood Foundation estimates that 95% of all neonatal cord blood in the US is wasted.

Therefore, before the baby is born, parents must think about and plan for cord blood banking for the following reasons:

Dubai Cord Blood Banking

1. For Treating cancer

Stem cells, immature cells that may grow into several blood cell types, are present in umbilical cord blood.

It has been demonstrated that these stem cells can be a helpful source for treating particular medical diseases. One of the three sources of blood-forming cells utilized in transplants is cord blood.

Stem cell transplants often don’t directly treat cancer. Instead, they support your body’s ability to produce stem cells following exceptionally high doses of chemotherapy, radiation treatment, or both.

Umbilical cord blood stem cell transplantation can replace the injured stem cells and rebuild your immune system.

2. For Treating Anemia

More medical professionals consider stem cell therapy an anemia treatment every year.

Even five years after therapy, 90% of patients who get stem cell transplants survive. The most versatile stem cells may be found in cord blood, which is why it is increasingly the treatment of choice for this blood disorder.

Anemia is a disorder where the body has fewer healthy red blood cells than usual, which reduces its ability to deliver oxygen.

Stem cell treatment, which enables the organs to manufacture more healthy cells, can be used by doctors to treat anemia.

Both cord blood and bone marrow contain stem cells. To restore bone marrow function and its capacity to create healthy red blood cells, stem cell treatment works by replacing the body’s red blood cells with stem cells.

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3. For Treating Immune System Disorders

Autoimmune disorders develop when the body battles against its own organs and tissues. For many autoimmune illnesses, cord blood may offer a long-term solution.

Stem cells have been shown to repair damaged organs and replenish blood cells.

Researchers develop new medications annually and enhance available cord blood transplantation choices.

Compared to bone marrow or peripheral blood stem cells, cord blood cells are more flexible and younger.

These cells are less likely to trigger graft-versus-host disease, in which donor cells fight the transplant recipient since the body is less likely to recognize them as foreign.

4. To Eliminate Risks Of GVHD

GVHD is brought on by severe tissue damage that necessitates long-term immune suppression, raising the risk of infection.

UCB has distinct immunologic characteristics because it links the maternofetal hematologic and immunological milieu. This allowed the discovery of immunomodulatory cells in the UCB that inhibit the activated T cells’ pro-inflammatory immune response.

In mice with leukemia and lymphoma, CD4+CD25+Tregs have decreased GVHD while maintaining the graft-versus-tumor effect.

In individuals with malignant diseases, early clinical trials examining the safety profile of UCB-derived Treg infusion revealed a positive safety profile.

These enlarged UCB Tregs showed a much higher survival rate while retaining their suppressor efficacy thanks to altered aAPCs expressing OX40 and 4-1BBL.

Dubai Cord Blood Banking

5. To Heal A Sibling

The infant, their siblings, and even other relatives can all benefit from stem cells from the cord blood. Patients with cystic fibrosis, who are genetically predisposed, are unable to utilize their own cord blood and must instead take stem cells from a sibling’s cord blood.

Leukemia and other blood illnesses can be treated in children using either their cord blood or the cord blood of a sibling.

Siblings are more likely to match since they acquire half of their HLA markers from each parent. Based on how parents pass on DNA, there is a 25% chance that two siblings will match exactly.

It is highly unusual for a grandparent to match with their grandchild, and it is much less typical for a parent to do so.

Choose A Bank To Store Your Child’s Cord Blood

Several banks have made over a thousand cord blood transfusions available. The oldest cord blood banks in the US have been keeping cord blood for more than 20 years.

Banks that have consistently employed the same laboratory are more reliable than businesses that alternate between different laboratory partners every few years.

Some financial institutions provide an engraftment guarantee of up to $100,000 for their cord blood.

Only seven banks have FDA licenses, even though cord blood banks must register with the FDA.

Family banking may be made more inexpensive by using payment plans to reduce costs.

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