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The ‘Dow Rab’ Vaccine, Made In Pakistan, Has Been Launched

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The 'Dow Rab' Vaccine, Made In Pakistan, Has Been Launched

(CTN News) – Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS) has launched a native anti-rabies vaccine, “Dow Rab,” offering a ray of hope to those suffering from dog bites in Sindh. This is a significant step in eliminating rabies in the country.

Professor Muhammad Saeed Quraishy, Vice-Chancellor of DUHS, presided over the unveiling ceremony. The ceremony marked a landmark in Pakistan’s medical landscape. In addition to emphasizing the vaccine’s pivotal role in saving lives, Professor Quraishy committed to ensuring that the vaccine would be available in the future.

Developed by Dow Institute of Life Sciences (DILS) at the Ojha campus, the vaccine initially comprises 30,000 doses, which are quickly made available through an efficient distribution network.

It is hoped that this breakthrough will alleviate the suffering of countless individuals who are exposed to the threat of rabies.

A speech given by Professor Quraishy at the ceremony underscored the university’s commitment to self-sufficiency, which aims to replace imported raw materials with locally sourced ingredients for vaccine production.

In the future, he envisions Pakistan being able to supply its own demand for anti-rabies vaccines, suggesting that production will be increased to an additional 170,000 doses.

Dow Rab was produced commercially after extensive research and regulatory processes were undertaken by DILS’ Chief Executive Officer, Syed Izhar Hussain. DUHS’s commitment to accessibility and affordability is evident in the price of the vaccine, which can be purchased for a nominal amount of Rs1,500 for the entire course.

The Department of Health and Human Services has signed an agreement with distribution giant Muller & Phipps to ensure nationwide accessibility. Bringing Dow Rab to Pakistan is a strategic step towards addressing the urgent need for rabies prevention measures throughout the country. This partnership will make Dow Rab readily available throughout Pakistan.

Rabies is a persistent threat in Pakistan that claims thousands of lives each year. Over 2 million anti-rabies vaccine doses are required each year by the National Institute of Health (NIH) Islamabad, with a large proportion imported from India.

As a result of pricing conflicts, Dow Rab is being introduced at a critical moment in anti-rabies vaccine development. According to importers, currency devaluation is a contributing factor, emphasizing the importance of local manufacturing in stabilizing prices and ensuring a reliable supply chain.


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