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After 50, These 7 Cardio-Habits Are Destroying Your Body

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After 50, These 7 Cardio-Habits Are Destroying Your Body

(CTN News) – Cardiovascular training improves mobility, flexibility, endurance, and sleep quality as you age. You can even live longer with cardio! Despite the bad, there is always something good to be found.

You can limit your progress with cardio, wear out your joints, and even feel worse with cardio over time. Here are the worst cardio habits that destroy your body after 50, and how to avoid them.

1. Injuries or pain prevent you from training.

Definitely not a good idea. Exercise “no matter what,” but always focus on long-term fitness. Take two steps forward by resting and rehabbing if you have pain or an injury. Pushing through problems, however, may make them worse and cause an even longer absence from training.

2. You aren’t adding low-impact cardio.

Running, for example, can be hard on your joints and tendons if you only run on pavement-especially if you’re not trained.

To improve your conditioning and give your muscles, joints, and overall progress a break occasionally, it’s far better to use a variety of training methods. You’ll feel the difference if you include activities like biking, swimming, hiking, or rowing in your weekly routine.

3. Overtraining is a problem for you.

If you exercise every day-or sometimes twice a day-you’re putting way too much stress on your body. You should manage your training frequency as you age to give your muscles, joints, and ligaments the chance to recover and rebuild so you can return feeling 100%.

4. You push yourself too hard too often.

Training shouldn’t be done to exhaustion every time. Although it’s fine to feel fatigued after a long workout, doing it every time puts far more stress on your body than it can handle.

5. Warm-ups and cool-downs aren’t being performed.

Many cardio enthusiasts skip the warm-up and jump straight into the workout. In this case, your body will be unprepared to handle the physical activity, and you’ll be more likely to suffer from injuries, aches, or simply perform poorly.

6. Your intensity is always the highest.

While high-intensity training can be beneficial, if you always train that way, you’ll miss out on plenty of other benefits. Exercise that is low-intensity and long-duration is beneficial to your cardiovascular health without being too strenuous.

A high-intensity cardio workout can, however, be very demanding as well. Mix in low-intensity training so that you can improve your full range of conditioning.

7. It’s a bad technique that you’re using.

Do cardio with proper technique at all times. You can overuse your muscles and joints by exercising with bad form, whether you’re running or swimming.

Running, for example, isn’t simply “walking really fast”; it requires correct foot-strike, posture, footwear, cadence, etc. If in doubt, ask a coach to oversee your form so you can feel awesome for years to come.

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