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What You Need To Know About Arm Chair Covers



What You Need To Know About Arm Chair Covers

What You Need To Know About Arm Chair Covers – An armchair is an attribute of the interior of an American home on which the owners spend a lot of time.

After all, it is on this furniture you can relax after dinner, reading a book in front of the fireplace, or watching your favorite movie on TV.

It does not seem a bad option, and in the case when the courier brought a pizza. Except that if one of the pieces falls on the surface of the chair, the owner will have to clean it.

Accordingly, increases the likelihood that the stain will remain and the furniture will no longer be as attractive.

To avoid this fate, it is best to use arm chair covers. They are much cheaper than a new chair, and therefore more beneficial to use.

If you want your purchase to always be protected from external risks, it is better to buy several covers at once.

For example, while one of them will be washed, the second is used to protect the chair. Of the American brands, Mamma Mia Covers seems to be a great option.

The company clearly understands what their target audience needs, and therefore creates new models of covers with their desires in mind.

So what destructive factors can affect the appearance of home furniture? There are several components:

  1. Poor durability of the chair. For example, the homeowner saved a little money and decided to purchase a low quality product. Obviously, it will look much worse in a short period of time. In this case, the protective canvas will increase the life of the product, preserving its aesthetic properties.
  2. The presence of children or animals in the house. Almost every child wants to stain everything they see. The surface of new furniture will attract his attention, and therefore the likelihood of damage increases. Of course, it is better if the cover will take the brunt. Animals in terms of the potential risk to the furniture are more threatening. After all, their claws can lead the chair to an unexpected “death”.
  3. The human factor. And the owner himself can negatively affect the appearance of the furniture. For example, you can accidentally spill a drink on the surface of the furniture, or worse, drop meat or fish there.

Based on the above information, we can see that the cover is a real solution to most of the problems that can arise in interaction with the furniture.

How to make a cover with your own hands

Extend the life of your favorite furniture, will help to cover the old chair with their own hands.

Of course, you can order sewing in an atelier, buy ready-made capes in specialized stores, but the thing sewn by yourself always brings more joy than purchased options.

Thinking about how to quickly sew a chair covers, keep in mind that a good thing requires time and labor costs.

You should not rush, it is better to think through the details, to prepare well for the work. The creation of a cape for furniture is conditionally divided into several stages:

  1. Preparation of material, auxiliary tools.
  2. Taking measures, cutting out the template.
  3. Making the thing.

Choosing a fabric for a cape, take into account the peculiarities of the interior of the room, its color scheme, location.

Remember that light colors visually expand the space, make it more comfortable. The darker the room, the lighter the tone of the furniture upholstery.

When choosing a fabric, pay attention to its durability. Give your preference to natural, hard-wearing fabrics.

If you have little experience in sewing, you should choose a neutral coloring, without large colors and ornaments. The presence of a print implies the ability to correctly fit the pattern on the product, which requires high-class cutting skills.

Beginners in needlework are initially recommended to try their forces on an old unnecessary sheet.

By practicing cutting, the necessary skills are acquired. If the chair covers with his hands out of the sheet will be good, then you can start working with new fabrics.

The amount of fabric is calculated, based on the size of the chair. All measurements should be carefully measured, record the results. Planning to make puffy ruffles on the sides of the chair, the amount of fabric is calculated by multiplying the perimeter of the chair in two.

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