Reviewing The Best 8 Thai Cooking Classes In Chiang Mai
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Reviewing the Best 8 Thai Cooking Classes in Chiang Mai



Reviewing the Best 8 Thai Cooking Classes in Chiang Mai

You could just visit Thailand and eat the amazing food, but wouldn’t it be great to learn Thai cooking techniques in Chiang Mai. The good news is that the country is dotted with amazing places to learn how to cook Thai food. The even better news is we have the very best places.

Are you looking for the best cooking classes in Chiang Mai? You are in the right place!

Here you could find the best cooking classes in Chiang Mai. Find out which class offers more and which is the most accepted.

Best 8 Cooking Classes in Chiang Mai

1.Zabb E Lee Thai Cooking School

Zabb E-Lee is a Thai word that means very delicious. If you want to learn how to prepare Thai dishes, this is the best way. You will have the opportunity to visit the market and learn all about Thai spices. Once you get all the necessary ingredients, you will be able to come up with a menu. People love this cooking school because instructors are kind and have a lot of experience. You can choose between cooking in town or at an organic farm. Class size is usually for 2 to 11 people.

2.Thai Akha Cooking School

In Thai Akha Cooking school, you can cook with Akha people who were born and raised in Thailand. You can learn a lot about Thai dishes from them. This cooking school offers you to cook in a traditionally outdoor setting. Even though you will have an instructor, you will cook on your own. This school will teach you how to prepare eleven dishes and you can decide between morning or evening cooking class.

3.Thai Farm Cooking School

This cooking school is recommended by National Geographic Traveler, Lonely Planet, Topic magazine, and many more. In this school, you will learn how to cook healthy food with organic ingredients. There are many vegetables, fruits, and a lot of trees on the farm. They grow rice, hot chili, long beans, papaya, lemon, garlic, and much more. You would not just learn about cooking, but you will learn more about vegetables and fruits too. Before arriving at the farm, your instructors will show you the Ruamchok-market. At the farm, you will get all ingredients and cook your meal.

4.Basil Cookery School

If you choose Basil cookery school, you won’t be disappointed. You can choose between eighteen dishes and six categories. Noodles and curry are popular dishes in Thai, but you would make them in a whole new way. For example, you could try to make red curry with a bamboo shoot. Classes last for six hours and the group consists of eight members. Firstly, you will visit the market. There you will learn which ingredients you need and how to prepare them. After that, you will decide on your menu and start preparing it.

5.A Lot Of Thai-Home Cooking Class

This is one of the best-known cooking classes in Thai. Numerous television companies talked about them, like Food Network, BBC, Channel 4, and many more. The price is affordable and it includes a cookbook, ingredients, market tour, pick up, and drop off. One menu is prepared every day. In classes, you will learn to prepare dishes according to different recipes. At the end of the class, you will be able to taste what you made.

6.Yummy Tasty Thai Cooking School

Make the finest recipes with the help of experienced chefs. These kitchen classes offer a great atmosphere with lots of useful information. Learn to peel an onion without tears and many more. People also like that they can make delicious food without washing plates. Your only job is to enjoy. If you would not eat all of your food, you can take it with you. You can choose five meals, plus one Curry paste. Classes are small, from two to ten people.

7.Aroy Aroy Thai Cooking School

This cooking school teaches you to make Thai dishes with natural, homemade ingredients. Be prepared to make beautiful and tasty food. The chef will take you to the market and show you all ingredients. You will see popular stalls and much more. Also, there are a lot of vegetables. So, you would learn more about them too. You will have more than three hours to prepare traditional dishes. There are two chefs that will show you how to make dishes, and then it is your turn. Of course, you can ask any moment for help. Learn how to make Khao Soi- Chiang Mai’s famous curry and noodles.

8.Lanna Smile Thai Cooking School

This cooking school was highly rated, mostly because the staff pays attention to everyone. They establish a certain communication with people who apply. Of course, you will first determine what you are going to cook. After that, you will head to the store. There, the chefs will introduce you to the main ingredients. They will suggest that you smell the fruit and make sure of its quality and freshness. You will try new ingredients and make dishes you have not had a chance to taste. With great chefs, your time will pass quickly. You can ask anything you don’t understand. Before you start cooking on your own, the chefs will give you a couple of tips.


Here you could read about the best eight Chiang Mai cooking classes in 2021. Each of them is highly rated by people all around the world. Thai farm cooking schools offer organic products. You will meet a lot of new people. Also, you will learn how to pick vegetables, how to plant them, and many more tips. The most important thing is to have a good time and enjoy discovering new recipes.

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Linda loves to cook and discover new dishes. She loves to try food from all over the world. In her free time, she writes articles and writes many tips in them. She also writes for the KitchenToast website. You should visit that site, and look for more information there.

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