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Best Pickles Recipes with Mustard Oil & Rice Bran Oil



Best Pickles Recipes with Mustard Oil & Rice Bran Oil

Pickles provide more than just a crisp, sour bite to your preferred meal. Vegetables and fruits that have been pickled are likewise loaded with vitamins and minerals in the presence of oil and vinegar. Some of the pickles recipes are as follows:

1. Shalgam Gajar and Gobhi Ka Achar

A mixed pickle prepared with turnips, carrots, & cauliflower is called Shalgam Gajar and Gobhi Ka Achar. It is often prepared in the winter when the tastes are at their height, and the veggies are fresh. This pickle can be easily made in only two to three days. You may find the recipe for Shalgam, Gajar, and Gobhi ka achar below.

● Drain the water after 3 to 4 minutes of cooking the veggies.

● Spread the veggies on a cotton towel and allow them to dry fully for three to four hours. The veggies should have zero moisture at all times.

● Add salt, mustard seeds, chilli powder, turmeric powder, and veggies in a dish and mix it well

● Here, after comes the use of mustard oil to add amazing flavour to the pickle. Add the pickle mixture and the oil to a clean, sterile container. The jar should be in the sun for over two to three days with a muslin towel covering it. The exposure to sunlight aids in drying off the extra moisture and allows the pickle to marinade.

2. Lime pickle

Homemade lime pickle, sometimes referred to as naranga achaar, is excellent and adds an amazing flavour to your meals. The pickle is made special by the inclusion of jaggery, which also gives it a delicate sweetness that is delicious to the palette. Lemon pickle recipe is the most vibrant and tangy one to go with your favourite Indian cuisine and is easy and simple to make with rice bran oil. With just 4 basic ingredients, like lemon, salt, oil and some spices. Homemade spiced lemon pickles are naturally low in fat, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly.

In order to make a lime pickle, wash and dry the fresh lemons, and cut the lemons into four slices horizontally and vertically. Add salt, rice bran oil and spices like red chillies and carom seeds. Set aside the lemons tossed with oil and spices to soften down and enjoy after 1- 2 days. This may be prepared and stored for up to a year.

It is best served with curd, vegetable paneer parathas. One can also serve it along with steaming rice, Vendakkai Vengayam Sambars & Elai Vadam.

Few things to remember while making pickles are:

● Make use of premium, fresh foods.

● Keep pickles in a glass jar at all times.

● Glass containers should be completely cleaned and sterilised. Use a fresh kitchen towel to dry them off.

● Pickles should be completely submerged in oil to avoid fungus. So, make use of proper airtight lids.

● Label each jar with the date to avoid consuming expired products.

In India, pickles are traditionally preserved in glass and porcelain jars after being made and placed in the sun over the summer to help tenderise the vegetable or fruit skin. If you live in a cold country, you might keep this bottle next to the stove range even when you are cooking.

Making pickles with the rice bran oil throughout the summertime is an ancient Indian ritual that is still practised, whether it is with mango, chilli, and lime. Additionally, it prevents the wastage of seasonal produce that is in excess.

Rice Bran Oil & Kachi Ghani Mustard oil for cooking & making pickles have been in use since ancient times.

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