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How to Make Quality Thai Food Anywhere in the World



Cook, Thai food, Spices

For the majority of people, a trip to Thailand means binge on Thai food and especially eating on Pad Thai and fried rice. The food there cannot be compared with anything else; from their use of fresh ingredients, tasty herbs, various spices, and their hot-stir fries. You might think that it is all about herbs and spices to add a unique taste to your food.

However, any good cook would tell you that every move you make in your kitchen from the moment you step in counts. Endless intricate details are involved in the making process of Thai food; it is not surprising that it’s extremely complex. The good news is we have some tips and tricks when it comes to the most important basics in order to make your own Thai dishes regardless of your location.


Thai Spices

What makes Thai food dishes so special are the spices and herbs they cover them with. For example, you can’t make Thai food without cinnamon. Since cinnamon is used widely in both Eastern and Western cuisine, you can easily find it almost anywhere. Other than its endless health benefits, cinnamon adds a unique taste, almost a sweet-spicy flavor to your food.

Clear soups and curry paste aren’t complete without coriander roots to add a strong aroma and flavor. Thai food also uses Coriander seeds which have citrus, almost lemony taste when crushed. The older the nuts, the better and stronger the flavor. Other essential spices include cumin, dried chilies for an added spicy taste, basil, ginger, and galangal which is peeled and used just like ginger.

Thai Cookware

Let’s face it, making rice is tricky enough. Let alone Thai rice that almost always turns out perfect. Some tricky other recipes and dishes can’t be made without the right set of knives, Thai woks, and some essential appliances. Even if you are busy, ultimate kitchen appliances can be set and left without having to worry about what you are cooking. According to this website, there are different types of electric pressure cookers to cook Thai food.

To choose the right one for your needs, make sure to weigh down the pros and cons until you reach a wise decision. Make sure to also choose according to the size you see fit for the number of people you usually cook for.

Search for Easy Recipes First

It’s a well-known fact that simplicity when it comes to home-cooked meals are always better, especially when you are trying new recipes that you don’t have the hang of yet. Make sure to have plenty of variety in the recipes you want to make in order to ensure that you have something for everyone. Otherwise, you might pour your effort and time into a dish that turns out bad or it might not be favorable by your family members.

Cook, Thai food, Spices

Thai Paste Basics

Making big amounts of Thai paste is so much better than making it from scratch every time you need only three spoons or so. Even buying such pastes and creams such as coconut cream is sometimes more time and effort consuming than making a big amount to be saved in your freezer.

One thing you need to pay attention to is whether you want your paste spicy or regular. If you need both at a stretch of an arm, then it’s better to make both types and freeze them. Also, homemade Thai red curry paste is bound to make much tastier dishes than store-bought pastes.

All you need is 20 minutes and shallot, red chilies, clove garlic, tomato ketchup, coconut milk, sugar, cumin, white pepper, coriander, and ground cinnamon. With spices, you can mix and match however you want to get the taste you prefer, whether it’s more spicy, sweet, or with an added touch of sourness.

The 22-Minute Pad Thai

Cook, Thai food, SpicesThe world-renowned Thai stir-fry is one of the few recipes that you can make anywhere in the world. The good news is that you can use popular ingredients that you can find in any supermarket or grocery store.

Make sure to get the dried and flat pad Thai or stir-fry noodles. Look for fish sauce, commonly called nuoc nam or nam pla in Thailand. Tamarind juice concentrate and paste are mixed with water to prepare the popular pad Thai sauce.

Add in some brown sugar, chili-garlic sauce, vegetable oil, 4 beaten eggs, and some peeled medium-sized shrimp. Chop scallions coarsely and add them to mung bean sprouts, in addition to roasted peanuts, cilantro, and lime wedges for serving.

Thai food is considered a universal cuisine thanks to how popular it’s getting in countries on the other side of the world. Many believe that an authentic Thai meal cannot be recreated without certain conditions, but it’s actually possible if you do enough research.

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