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What are the Best Dog Treats from Chewy Brands?

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chewy dog treats

Owners’ love for their pets encourages them to be pampered. One way to make your dog feel good is to give him a tasty meal that is different from his daily food. Dog treats are made by many pet food companies.

Very popular dog food brands are Chewy, TiTBiT, Triol, Pro Pack, and others. They are of unsurpassed quality and dogs enjoy eating them with pleasure. You should not give them to your dog every day.

We should only give them if we have a good reason, otherwise treats will not be good for our dog’s health.

The portion of “goodies” in the dog’s diet should not be more than 1/10th. Pampering your dog is unnecessary because your dog will either refuse to eat healthy Chewy dog treats and food

Balanced pet nutrition will not give you the opportunity to gain weight. This should not be allowed to happen.

When Chewy dog treats are appropriate

dog treats

If you have a reason to encourage your dog. When your four-legged friend behaves obediently, accurately performs all your commands, it is not a sin to praise him for it with dog treats.

Chewy Treats are actively used by professional dog trainers, particularly for hunting, service, and guard breeds. When preparing the dog to participate in the show, so he showed his best side, not only in exterior evaluation, treats are also in great use.

Dogs love to be praised and will be perfectly obedient if petted and given a treat for doing so.

At a time when the puppy is chewing on everything in the house – shoes, furniture and so on. With the help of a treat he can be weaned from this costly habit quite quickly.

Give him a treat in the shape of a bone, for example. He will do it for a few days and in time he will lose interest in your house slippers or your wife’s modelling shoes.

Treats containing vitamins and minerals are used as Chewy dog food from premium brands. They help boost his immunity and overall health. In addition, with their help, your pooch will clean his teeth of plaque, and the result will be improved oral health.

What kind of dog treat is right for your pet?

dog treats

There are different types of treats available on the Chewy pet food market. They are available as semi-dry or dry, pressed or semi-moistened. These products differ not only in inconsistency but also in composition:

  • Protein
  • Carbohydrate
  • Protein-carbohydrate

The sizes of treats are oriented to different breeds of dogs, so large animals they are large, and for small respectively small.

There is a huge variety of forms of dry treats for puppies who like to chew them. In this, manufacturers have outdone themselves. Babies are offered balls, bones, rings, cookies, etc.

For older dogs, soft treats in the form of slices, straws, chicken breast slices, rabbit fillets, sandwiches and more are optimal. Older dogs can enjoy soft treats like sandwiches, different slices, shreds and slices of chicken and duck breasts, rabbit fillet.

Don’t just choose treats according to the age and size of your four-legged pet, but also according to the occasion. In particular, if you go with your dog to the training, take dry delicacies in a paper bag or chopped ears (calf or pig). They won’t take up much room in your bag and won’t stain your clothes or car, even if they fall out of the package.

Cookie-shaped treats are used to strengthen your pet’s gums and sanitize his mouth. They are great for cleaning plaque and protecting against the nuisance of tartar in your dog.

Many dog owners give their pets homemade dog food; tasty treats as a reward – why not. With pre-made treats, you don’t have to waste time preparing them and, in addition, they are formulated by experts.

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