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Saree as and in Art: Exploring the Intersection of Saree Design in Fine Arts



Saree as and in Art: Exploring the Intersection of Saree Design in Fine Arts

Being an unparalleled drape, representing grace, tradition, and elegance, women sarees give us a canvas that reflects two important things — the Indian heritage and the wearers’ personality. Sarees for women are more than canvas art; they intersect beauty and creativity woven on a tapestry.

Uplifted by the timeless Indian symbol of femininity and sophistication, the artistic roots of sarees are found in its history and tradition. Sarees for women come in various designs, fabrics, detailed patterns and colour options.

These variants are highly inspired by artists and designers who implement motifs from the world of fine arts. Being a garment, it is incredible how sarees have become a muse and modes of various creative expressions across mediums.

Saree as a Work of Art

Every work of art tells a story, and so does sarees. Individual testaments of the weavers’ skills and craftsmanship are woven into women’s sarees. May it be the vibrant Gujrati bandhani sarees, the intricate South Indian Kanjivaram silk or the delicate Bengali Jamdani. Hand weaving is a rigorous and painstaking process through which detailed embellishments are showcased as artistic and cultural fusion.

However, the saree now holds the centre stage in the world of visual arts. Famous artists nowadays

Moreover, the saree has found its place in the world of visual arts. In every ancient Indian painting, we’ve seen famous painters depicting sarees at their finest. All the women models clad in sarees, who mainly represent the Goddesses in the paintings of Raja Ravi Varma, are portrayed with a dash of remarkable realism.

Sarees for women take on the centrepiece in these remarkable pieces of Indian art and culture, highlighting every pleat of the drape with vividity.

Saree Design Inspiring Fine Arts

Sarees, currently, are beyond just any clothing. Their allure is worthy of the obsession they are getting. New branches of textile design are unfolding themselves, inspired by the newfound sarees’ motifs and patterns. Textile engineering is done to update and produce the textures in demand for women’s sarees.

Designers and engineers are constantly working towards newer and more sustainable fabrics. They aim to integrate various symbolisms in the new age sarees inspired by the Indian fine arts.

These symbolisms include art forms like sculpting, pottery, and jewellery-making; they are incorporated within the existing famous motifs of paisleys and geometric patterns to make unparalleled designer sarees.

Examples include incorporating beads in the new age sarees’ pallu to give them a pearly vibe, coupled with a light-dark blue ombre colour transition georgette saree — the ultimate red carpet mermaid look!

Saree in Contemporary Art

The resurgence of sarees isn’t a new thing. However, with the rise of new social movements every other decade, sarees online are redefined in people’s eyes in new ways. With newer waves of uprising movements around identity, tradition, and feminism, a gradual alienation towards art is seen.

Celebrities and artists have shifted their garments from western wear back to sarees. They celebrate this win at places like MET GALA and other red-carpet moments. It is beautiful to see mixed media artworks being inspired by sarees online. These evergreen drapes have also found their way towards representations in art installations, galleries, etc.

Artists have experimented for ages long with several saree drapes, their forms, pre-stitching options and whatnot! Every designer wants to use sarees online to express their message towards freedom, femininity and flexibility, This age-old attire is getting redefined with new perspectives of resilience, cultural heritage and womanhood.

Sarees have taught us to evolve and adapt but never let go of one’s roots. Its place in the fine arts realm is as strong as an anchor for its aesthetic appeal towards the enduring legacy of fine arts.

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