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How To Style Cheap Human Hair Wig



Deep Wave Wig for Women, How To Style Cheap Human Hair Wig

One of the reasons why women like to wear human hair wigs is because they look soft and natural. But soft and natural looking ones also need your careful care and styling. Styling is a very important step for black women to get a soft and healthy human hair wig. So, how to style 100% human hair wig has become the knowledge we need to learn.

We will introduce how to make the best wig for women’s human hair in three parts, before wearing, during wearing and during storage.

How to style cheap human hair wig before wearing?

The first time you find your new cheap human hair wigs, what should you do with it? The first thing is to check the package and wash 100% human hair wigs. If the wig you have got is the right hair that you have ordered, then you should style cheap human hair wig before wearing it.

For black women, separate your human hair wig with your finger or a wide comb of your teeth. Then dip your cheap human hair in lukewarm water. Apply high quality hair washing shampoo and conditioner to clean your human hair lace wig. Be careful when washing, pat your hair gently, avoid rudeness, avoid tangling in the hair, and avoid falling while washing.

Cover your clean 100% human hair wigs with a clean dry towel, rub the towel until 80% of the water on your wigs is absorbed, then you can style your wet human hair wigs. You should use a wide tooth comb to straighten your best human hair wigs, then use a low power hair dryer to remove the texture of the hair you bought, then apply some hair care essential oil to protect your affordable hair human hair wigs.

How to style a cheap human hair wig while wearing?

When you are ready to wear your affordable human hair wigs, you should also style your lace wig human hair so that it looks natural.

First, you need to cut the lace. For some human hair wig sellers, they will cut the front lace before sending the hair out. But for most human hair wig sellers online, cutting the lace requires consumers to adapt to the effects they wear. Wear cheap human hair on your head, keep the hairline of the human hair wig in the right position, then cut about a quarter inch of lace at the front and sides of the wig. Do this using long, liquid scissor strokes to avoid scratching the edges. It is best to cut small pieces of lace together, as cutting too much lace will damage the wig. When you cut the lace, you can handle the hair on the back of your head using large hair clips, to avoid cutting the hair. Cut the lace of the forehead until your hairline is completely visible.

Second, sew human hair wigs or human hair bundles with needles and thread. When sewing, make sure you don’t sew Remy’s hair into your seam.

After seeing the real human hair wig on your head, you should customize your wig to the side part or the middle part to your liking. Use a fine toothed comb to part your hair or follow the hard part that your barber has cut. The best way to style your brazilian human hair wig is to wet your hair, style your hair a bit when your hair is wet, then apply essential oil to the hair, and dry your standard human hair wig. Use a low-powered hair dryer, add some moisturizing liquid and help keep cheap human hair lace wigs in good condition.

How to style cheap human hair wigs when storing?

When you remove your 100% human hair wig for black women, you should also know how to style at this stage.

First of all, you should style your high quality human hair wigs clean, dry, and textured like the steps above. Then, while making a plastic model head, wear a 100% human hair wig on the model’s head. If you want to store human hair wig for black women for a long time, you may need a plastic bag. put it. And we also advise you to take good care of your human hair lace wig before storing the best human hair wig.


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