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What Makes Travis Kelce The Go-To Tight End For Taylor Swift

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What Makes Travis Kelce The Go-To Tight End For Taylor Swift

(CTN News) – Sports fans know Travis Kelce’s star power. Since he started dating Taylor Swift, the world has caught up.

This pairing actually makes perfect sense – so much so that the Guardian explains why. Travis Kelce’s success at tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs than four First-Team Associated Press All-Pro selections.

Those laurels made Travis Kelce a star in the most powerful US sports league. They rocketed him to fame and fortune independent of Swift.

In Kelce’s courtship of Swift, his political beliefs also seem to be key. They’re more progressive than those held by most prominent white American pro athletes – and therefore align with those of the singer and most Swifties.

It was exactly six years before Swift attended her first Chiefs game in support of him. In support of teammates protesting racist police brutality, which disproportionately affects Blacks in the US, Travis Kelce took a knee during the pre-game national anthem ceremony on 24 September 2017.

It makes sense that NFL players support Black Lives Matter. Travis Kelce has caught 700 passes from Patrick Mahomes and 70 touchdowns from him heading into Sunday’s championship game against the San Francisco 49ers.

Donald Trump, the president at the time, led Republicans in demanding NFL teams cut kneeling players.

Since then, Kelce has taken some stands, even if it means putting himself in the crosshairs of the US’s political right. After conservatives boycotted Bud Light over its advertisement featuring transgender social media influencer Dylan Mulvaney, Kelce agreed to do a commercial for the beer company.

Meanwhile, he’s supported vaccinations against the flu and Covid-19 viruses, including a ad campaign for Pfizer that started around the same time as his relationship with Swift.

Kelce’s Bud Light spot didn’t express support for Mulvaney, but rather was aimed at regaining some sales that the beer maker lost amid the boycott. Kelce got about $20 million from Pfizer for incensing vaccine skeptics, which most would probably accept.

Those decisions left the right wing feeling called out. Unabashed Trump supporter Colby Covington publicly called Kelce “one of the biggest pieces of shit ever” in December.

Rodgers, a former Super Bowl champ and anti-vax skeptic, disparaged Kelce as “Mr Pfizer” before challenging him to debate vaccines on the Pat McAfee Show.

She and her fans have heard everything Travis Kelce has to say on Swift.

When asked if Swift’s extra attention negatively impacts him, he said, “You can’t put more pressure on yourself than I put on myself.”

Kelce said Swift is “rewriting the history books herself,” after she won a record-breaking fourth Grammy.


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