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The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Professional Writer to Do Your Assignment



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Recently, there have been countless debates concerning the ethics of delegating an assignment to a professional writer. However, it often happens that students are left with two choices –to find a reliable professional or earn average GPAs. In such a scenario, they definitely choose the former. Due to this reason, requesting ‘Can I pay someone to do my assignment?’ to eminent academic websites like MyAssignmentHelp has become the recent norm.

The reputed stalwarts of these services ensure to offer complete guidance to complete assignments, projects, and academic papers. But, like any choice, hiring a professional stalwart has its pros and cons. Read on to comprehend different aspects of seeking guidance from such professionals, which will enable you to make a sound decision.


  • Saves Precious Time

According to Cognitive Market Research, the global assignment writing services market size was USD 1.8 billion in the year 2022 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.20% from 2023 to 2030.

Now, one of the most crucial benefits of seeking assignment help from a reputed academic website like MyAssignmentHelp UK is the time they can save you. With rigorous deadlines and multiple papers to complete, pupils often strive to find adequate time to conduct extensive research, write and revise their papers. These professionals can offer you information-rich and professionally written solutions, providing you with more time to focus on other important tasks.

  • Increase in GPAs

Quality hugely matters when it comes to academic papers. The stalwarts of assignment writing websites are well-acquainted with this. Hence, when you hire them, they ensure to deliver supreme quality and well-structured papers that can enhance your grades by notches. When you receive incredible and stellar papers, you’re more likely to impress your educators and score high.

  • Absolute Confidentiality

When students seek guidance from a professional of an assignment writing service, they entrust sensitive information, academic requirements, and personal details. The service is responsible for protecting this information at all costs and not disclosing it to anyone else without explicit consent.

If you hire a professional from a reputed assignment writing service, not a single soul will ever know that you went to them seeking guidance. There’s no harm and no foul – all you will get is unmatched guidance at complete discretion.

  • Customisation

Professionals of assignment writing websites generally offer customised guidance. All you need to do is provide guidelines, special instructions, or requirements for your paper, and they will tailor the assignment as per your needs. This personalisation level makes sure that your final draft aligns perfectly with your expectations and choices.

  • Authentic Solutions

Reputed stalwarts of assignment writing services always focus on authenticity. They make sure the assignments they provide are completely devoid of plagiarism, which is a crucial factor in safeguarding academic integrity. Hence, you can stay assured the solutions you get will be unique, plagiarism-free, and composed from scratch.

  • Assistance at Any Time

Before getting assignment guidance from a professional stalwart, most often, students tend to ask a friend or family to write the papers. As a result, the assignments often got rejected as educators clearly understood that they had not written their papers and people who had no knowledge of the task crafted mediocre solutions.

One of the most outstanding benefits of seeking assignment assistance from a stalwart from a reputed website is that one can get it anytime. Whether you need guidance in the middle of the night or early morning hours, they will arrive at your aid.


  • Cost

While the convenience of hiring a professional to write your assignments is undeniable, it’s crucial to consider the price. Quality guidance generally comes at a price, and certain students can find these companies expensive. But, always try to weigh the cost against the advantages, incorporating increased scores and time savings.

  • Risk of Getting Coned

According to reports, there are countless instances when students get duped due to a fraud service. If you choose to seek assistance from a professional of a fraud company, then there are high chances of getting conned. It might even occur that even after paying the full amount, you will not receive the paper. Hence, while choosing a service, it is crucial to check for the background and then delegate your papers to a specific service.

  • Dependency

Over-dependence on assignment writing professionals or websites can be detrimental to your academic growth. If you continue to depend on these websites consistently, you may miss out on the chance to develop crucial life skills like research, writing, and critical thinking. Hence, it is always wise to strike the right balance between seeking guidance and tackling some papers at least independently.

  • Ethical Concerns

Seeking assistance from a professional on an academic writing website can raise numerous ethical concerns. While most companies aim to help students improve their academic performance, certain professionals may encourage academic dishonesty. Hence, it’s crucial to use these services responsibly and make sure the papers you receive serve as a guide instead of a mere replacement for your efforts.

  • Quality Can Vary

Not all professional or assignment help websites are created equally. There can be huge differences in the calibre of work between different professionals or companies. Certain may guarantee brilliance but fail to deliver, leaving you with mediocre solutions. Hence, it’s crucial to conduct in-depth research and select an eminent professional or a recognised service with a stellar track record of delivering incredible solutions.

  • Disclosure of Confidential Information

If a professional or assignment writing service you hire to write your papers is not professional enough, your privacy can get hampered. There exists the risk of all your personal information, educational information, and bank details getting disclosed to a third party. If your details get disclosed somehow, your reputation as a student will be destroyed.

Final Thoughts on Hiring a Professional Writer

The rapid development observed in the academic writing industry is fuelled by the determination of professional writers and assignment writing services to deliver quality papers and the constant need for assistance to score high or combat strict deadlines. Before hiring any professional or service, weighing the gains and shortcomings involved is significant.

Undeniably, the benefits often outweigh the cons, but it is significant to consider all these crucial factors. Take the cost, quality of the papers, and the impact on your growth into consideration when making this vital decision. Ultimately, the judicious use of assignment writing websites can be a supportive weapon in your uphill academic journey.

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