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Cryptocurrencies and The Gaming World




Digital currencies, particularly Bitcoin, seem to be moving smoothly around the gaming world. There are reports that the gamers raised their desire to include it in the online gaming world ever since Bitcoin came into the market after a few years.

Earlier it was seen as valuable digital coins, tokens and other things. They gained huge time to complete the objectives, and then these things helped the gamers to procure special weapons inside the game. These even helped the gamers to propel the virtual assets in a big way.

We see the massively multiplayer games now coming up with the digital currency-based markets that bring digital goods under its fold. The presence of Oculus technologies helps people play games using Bitcoin or other digital currencies. You can further explore the spending ramps on US layoff and get better clarity on the same. Time to dig in deep to get more on Bitcoin-based games.

The evolution of Bitcoin-based games

Not only Bitcoin but other digital currencies also have their role in making things smooth. Bitcoin and other digital currencies primarily work on the central server to allow people to play games. However, we have recently seen several developers embarking on exciting games that use digital currencies with ease.

These use Blockchain technology, and it is going smoothly. However, they did not plan to go with Bitcoin or any other digital currencies in their initial days as they used Blockchain. With time, blockchain has remained at the centre stage, even involving Bitcoin and other digital coins to play different online games.

The games were designed to promote digital sound currency like a fundamental unit of value. Now, let’s see the different digital currency games becoming popular these days.

Popular Bitcoin Based Games

There are several Bitcoin and other digital currency-based games that are popular now among gamers. How about checking a few as under?

HunterCoin: HC remains the most popular game based on digital currencies. These remain active on the decentralized video game as seen over the market space. You can find it getting mentioned on different sites. Every next-door gamer loves this game as they have the chance to make records with the help of HTC blocks.

It works the same way as we see Bitcoin carrying out the transaction through Blockchain to record the blocks. Instead, one can even find central based servers also interacting with several players when they play HunterCoin over the gaming platform. It is fair to say that Blockchain is clubbed in this game, and it is now known as Hunter Blockchain that is doing wonders now in the history of games.

Power of web-based games

The game uses mining with the help of a hybrid system that blends with the idea of the mining as seen in Bitcoin. Thus, you can make out the power of web-based games addiction among the players. They bring the games to such an extent.

Players get the chance to collect the game’s coins on the map, and they can further redeem them after storing them in the wallet. It can bring more Hunters and other digital coins. As we often say, Bitcoin plays a good role in making things work.

The gamers can easily collect the coins without dropping the players, and one can even see the players enjoying the game while they mine. The game has players who have the choice of killing with Kamikaze attacks. It demands an added number of hunters and thus stays within the coordination and timing.


This is yet another online game working on the idea of decentralization. Unlike the above-said game, MC players do not get the chance to interact amongst themselves. It remains essential to offer some of the best in-game events that may not require storing the same on MC based Blockchain.

Apart from the balance we have seen in Motocoin, one can quickly check the game that fits the best to one another on their respective blocks. It is vital to have MC act like Bitcoin and work on the PoP protocol. They have wallets that are given to every player of the game. It helps them store their coins and then redeem them using Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

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