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A Basic Comparison Between Polygon (MATIC) and Solana (SOL)



A Basic Comparison Between Polygon (MATIC) and Solana (SOL)

Polygon and Solana are admirable blockchains that come after Ethereum. They were built to overcome the issues raised during the Ethereum blockchain. because of this, they become popular among crypto users and the crypto industry.

But as per the point of view of some investors, as they go through both the blockchain, they find it difficult to analyze the difference between Polygon and Solana.

Let’s shine a light on both the blockchains of Polygon and Solana. If you are wondering how bitcoin works, here is everything you need to know about cryptocurrency investments.

What do you mean by Matic Crypto?

As we all know that Polygon is a layer2 blockchain. It is however a scaling solution that is created to upgrade and make the Ethereum network.

it facilitates the developers to make a network that would be compatible with the Ethereum blockchain despite executing a transaction’s part on the side chain.

However, the polygon provides you the flexibility of a stand-alone blockchain to use the profitability and interoperability of Ethereum. The primary product of Ethereum is the Polygon SDK.

The side chain associated with Polygon is via the Polygon network. The Ethereum blockchain is greatly impacted by the side chain which enables the transaction speed faster and cheaper.

However, the native token of this chain is magic. It can be used for governance, network fees, and also for staking.

What is meant by Solana Crypto?

Solana is a platform of the blockchains it is used to prioritize scalability and acceleration.

Similarly, to Ethereum, it makes it possible to develop make a potent decentralized application along with smart contracts.

However, it is also making sure that the blockchain will work vastly and be affordable for all consumers.

The significant innovation of it is the novel also known as the proof of History with consensus mechanism. However, proof of history is important to make blockchain more accessible.

As compared to other traditional systems such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, it permits a platform to execute transactions even with a thousand times more.

It is utilized to hold up smart contracts, processing of transactions, and take part in network protection. As a result, it endorses the whole Solana ecosystem.

Polygon advantages

  • Ethereum Compatible blockchain– Ethereum is the very famous platform for DeFi and NFTs. However, through the solution built by scaling, Polygon can access this massive market of users. The choice of your ERC-20 tokens can be used efficiently which will be very fast and cheaper on polygons other than Ethereum as well.
  • Developer Ease quality – the blockchain developers are well-acquainted with the growth of the Ethereum blockchain or EVM. However, the compatibility of the polygon’s EVM makes it simple for the developers to change to its Internet of blockchains structure.

Polygon disadvantages

  • Requirement of Scalability – Ethereum is beginning again to advance and formulate new characteristics. Most of the upgrades are centered around better scalability and speed as well. However, the native Ethereum blockchain can adjust all the transactions. Although there is no need for a scaling solution such as a polygon.
  • Polygon Bridge – there is no need to utilize the crypto asset as is on the network. Instead, you first take them to the network with the use of a Polygon bridge.

Solana advantages

  • Fast and Cheap service –the Fastest blockchain that exists on the market is Solana whose speed are over 66000 transactions per speed. However, it is far beyond all of its adversaries, where the reach is up to 400-2,000 TPS. Although the transaction cost of every network is about $0.00027.
  • Unified Network usability – as much as the blockchains and independent applications would be, the probability of failure will be more on the particular network. However, a unified network assured network security.

Solana disadvantage

  • No Ethereum Compatibility – as the Defi space is highly popular and has huge liquidity if the users choose the Ethereum platform. Although the network used by Solana blockchain is executed independently and it is not compatible with Ethereum.
  • Network Outages theme – as the Solana blockchain is notorious for its network outages. Although the number of outages is almost 5 with some partial ones, which highly impact the functionality of the network.


As we think between the choice of Polygon and Solana, polygon Presents a better way to communicate with the Ethereum network and thus enables it to make a process more powerful.

On the contrary, Solana is best for users who despite the best cost and scalability offer blockchain. However, the best feature search will end on Solana and high compatibility base access is possible with it. polygon.

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