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Police Officers Find Man’s Dismembered Body Parts in Freezer

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Police officers find remains freezer

Police are searching for an Indian National whom they believe murdered an Myanmar migrant and stashed his dead body in a freezer. Police officer discovered the dismembered remains in a freezer located in a rented room in the Bang Khunthian district of Bangkok.

On Sunday, police were notified of the discovery in a commercial structure located in the southernmost district of Bangkok.

On the fourth floor of the structure,police officers and rescue personnel discovered a white freezer with a man’s severed legs inside. The room and lavatory contained bloodstains, and a bloodied chainsaw was discovered beneath a bed.

Police officers analysed CCTV footage from the vicinity and the affected area in an effort to identify suspects.

An man from Myanmar reported that he and four fellow countrymen had been to the room the week prior. He said that an Indian man utilised the commercial structure as an employment placement office.

He told police that they were subsequently placed to work in other locations, however one of worker named Yao remained behind. He said they had lost contact with Yao since Saturday.

On Sunday, they returned to the structure and contacted the building’s owner, who instructed him to breach into the premises. It was then that they made the gruesome discovery and called police.

Vice commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Bureau Pol Maj Gen Nopasilp Poonsawat stated later on Sunday that the 5 Myanmar migrants had been residing in the block waiting for job placement. He stated that the four Myanmar employees returned to the structure to retrieve their luggage.

According to Pol Maj Gen Nopasilp, there were indications of a struggle, and that the Indian national had departed the country for Chennai, India at 8:50 p.m. on Saturday. He said they are in contact with the Indian Embassy in Bangkok and working with Indian authorities to find they Indian National.

In 2013 India and Thailand signed an Extradition Treaty. The treaty provides the legal framework for seeking extradition of fugitive offenders, including those involved in terrorism, transnational crimes and economic offences among others.

Police Officers Sons Commit Murder

Police in Sa Kaeo province have initiated an anti-crime initiative aimed at the youth in response to the alleged murder of a woman by an adolescent gang consisting of two local police officers’ sons.

On Saturday night, the investigative commander of Provincial Police Region 2, Pol Maj Gen Theerachai Chamnanmor, arrived at the Aranyaprathet police station with the intention of commencing the campaign.

The national police director, Pol Gen Torsak Sukvimol, ordered the campaign on January 12th, following the early morning murder of a 47-year-old woman in Aranyaprathet. Two of the suspects, who were boys between the ages of 13 and 16, were allegedly the offspring of local police officers. The victim reportedly suffered from a mental disorder.

Saturday evening, Pol Maj Gen Theerachai implored the police to restore their reputation by carrying out their duties and responsibilities with diligence.

He communicated the directive from the national police commander for law enforcement to strictly adhere to regulations and policies pertaining to the conduct of young individuals. As a preventive measure against a recurrence of the incident that occurred on January 12, they addressed drug abuse and the illegal sale of alcoholic beverages to juveniles, particularly at night.

Additionally, the Aranyaprathet police were directed to increase their vigilance towards the destitute individuals residing in their locality.

January 12 saw the discovery of the 47-year-old woman’s body in a reservoir near a school in Aranyaprathet; her name was Buaphan Tansu. Panya Khongsaenkham, her husband of 54 years, was initially the solitary suspect in the investigation because, according to the police, he confessed to the crime.

CCTV footage subsequently disclosed implicated the five adolescent males in the homicide. Buaphan purportedly experienced harassment and assault at the hands of five adolescents operating dual motorcycles.

The footage revealed that she hurled a bottle at them following an altercation, at which point they potentially assaulted her.

Later, Panya, the husband of the deceased woman, confessed that he was tortured and coerced to confess to the crime by a group of police officers. An additional measure was the application of a sack over his head while he was bound with chains.


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