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Do you know your Rights if you are in a Car Accident in Western Australia?



Easy Steps on How to Choose the Best Car Accident Lawyer

According to the Road Safety Commission in Western Australia, a total of 147 fatal accidents occurred until November 2021. Many times, more than this is reported as an accident. Having a car accident and being injured there is a scary and arduous enough process. Knowing the rights that you can claim after an accident and consulting an accident lawyer for this will alleviate the difficulty of the process for you.

Can compensation be claimed after a car accident?

Yes. If you’ve been injured in a car accident and it’s not entirely your fault, you need to know what entitlements you can claim.

Who can make a car accident claim?

If you were injured as a passenger, driver, cyclist, or pedestrian in an accident, you have the right to claim compensation for your injuries. Anyone injured in a car accident in Western Australia is entitled to a claim, even if the incident was partially your fault. Also, you can file a claim even if you are not injured but are financially dependent on the person who died in the car accident.

What can be claimed after a traffic accident?

Although the ones listed below can usually be claimed, it is recommended that you manage your process together with accident lawyers, as each case has different situations.

  1. Loss of income/opportunity in the past and future
  2. Compensation for your suffering and pain
  3. Medical treatment, rehabilitation, compensation for inability to work,
  4. and other expenses related to getting your life back on track after a car accident are covered by household domestic assistance.

What factors do the amount of compensation that can be claimed for the accident depend on?

Examples of behaviours that will cause a decrease in the amount to be demanded are as follows:

  • Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • If the seat belt is not fastened,
  • If a motorcycle is used without a helmet,
  • If there is a margin of error in the occurrence of the accident,
  • Sitting carelessly in an open-top vehicle.

Do you know what the claim procedure is like after a car accident?

You must first report the car accident online from the ICWA (Insurance Commission of Western Australia). Here you will be asked for information about the accident. Then, the Notice of Intention to Make a Claim Form should be filled as soon as possible. Finally, the amount to be awarded for the traffic accident claim should be agreed with ICWA.

You can contact car accident lawyers in Perth to discuss what your terms and situation are and make claims accordingly.


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