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Police Officer Dead, Another Injured in Drug Sting Gone Bad



Drug Dealer, Policeman Dead, Another Injured in Sting Gone Bad

A suspected drug dealer shot two police officers, killing one and wounding the other before he was himself shot and killed after a police sting went bad and erupted in a shootout.

With three shots to his chest, Mr. Phakphum Wareenil, 40, was killed by police.

His motorcycle lay on the ground near him, along with a pistol and a glass bottle wrapped in black tape. There were 152 methamphetamine tablets found in the bottle, police stated.

Police sergeant Anek Homyenjai, 51, was shot in the stomach during the clash, and Pol Sub Lt Direk Rodchai, 54, was shot in the left arm.

They were both rushed to Cham Phraya Yommarat Hospital in Suphan Buri in central Thailand, where sergeant Anek was later pronounced dead.

According to a spokesperson, the sting started with an undercover officer posing as a drug buyer contacting Mr. Phakphum via Facebook, looking to buy 200 methamphetamine tablets for 2,000 baht.

Mr. Phakphum arrived on a motorcycle at a house to make the deal. Sergeant Anek and Pol Sub Lt Direk were part of the team waiting to arrest him.

The officers ordered the suspect to kneel down and put his hands behind his neck. However, the suspect instead resisted, punched Police Sub Lt Direk, grabbed his gun, and fired shots at the two officers.

Other members of the sting operation opened fire on Mr. Phakphum, killing him instantly.

Police bust drug dealers

Meanwhile, two men were arrested with more than 1.6 million meth tablets and 30 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine.

During raids on their homes, drug suppression officers apprehended Mr. Sathit Dee-in, 32, and Mr. Thanphisit Robroo, 42.

Officers seized sacks containing 1,685,258 meth pills and two sacks containing 30kg of crystal methamphetamine. They also recovered an unregistered CZ 9mm semi-automatic handgun.

Police say the two were charged with conspiring to possess drugs with intent to sell and illegal possession of a firearm and possession of an unregistered firearm.


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